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Hypnotherapy London, 96 Harley Street | Malminder Gill - The Reinvention Hypnotherapist™ 

Getting your brain over the breakup…fast

A breakup is inevitable for most of us. According to Helen Chua, a marriage expert, over 85 percent of relationships end up in breakups. This usually happens in long-term relationships as time can magnify our partner’s flaws.[1] Although it’s inevitable,…

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Hypnotherapy London - Dating Your New Business

Dating, Your New Business!

Dating is a stage when two people meet socially, assessing each other’s suitability as a prospective partner to a more intimate relationship which could end in marriage.[1] But with so many people dating the wrong way, it’s not impossible to…

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Hypnosis In London - Stop Texting

Why You Should Stop Texting

The average number of text a Briton sends in a week has doubled in four years.[1] For many UK adults, texting has surpassed traditional phone calls or even meeting face to face as a way of communicating. Text messaging may…

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