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Hypnotherapy London - Malminder Gill MNCIP
Hypnotherapist in London for individuals & corporates
96 Harley Street, Online & Home Visits (UK & Internationally)

Corporate Social Responsibility                      

It’s important to us to strengthen our sense of responsibility and commitment by carrying out our business in an ethical way by integrating social and environmental concerns into our everyday business operations and interaction with clients. CSR falls into four main areas: Workforce; Environment; Community; and Marketplace. A CSR audit was conducted by an independent consultant in 2020 to confirm our existing CSR activities across these four areas and to explore additional initiatives that can strengthen our CSR contributions even further.

Our approach is to maintain existing CSR contributions and ensure compliance and consistency across all of our operations. Year 1 of the CSR strategy will see the introduction of some new CSR initiatives. Year by year – we aim to build on our approach and accountability to CSR. CSR will form the heart of what we do. It will feed into all discussions made moving forward and will have a central space on all future development plans.

Quality of CSR initiatives is incredibly important to ensure any new CSR activities/practices rolled out are done in the right manner and are effective. The main focus of our CSR approach (2021) will initially lie within the Community arm of CSR.

Community and Charity Work

In an effort to help the mental well-being of members of the charity as well as the individuals they support, we pledge to offer pro bono services to our chosen charity every year. We are proud to support SAVERA this year, from 2020-2021.



Malminder Gill Hypnotherapy aims to help people overcome the subconscious roots of emotional and mental suffering by integrating innovative hypnotherapy practices into client’s everyday life’s enabling them to overcome the barriers holding them back in life.


To lead the way in delivering professional evidence-based hypnotherapy that creates a lasting positive change in people’s lives.


Identification; Individualisation; Integrity; Excellence; & Proactivity

  • Identification

We have empathy and understand our clients needs and what it means for them.

  • Individualisation
We cater and tailor our sessions to meet the needs of our clients. We are a client centered  service.
  • Integrity
In all we do, and in how we practice Hypnotherapy to support our clients in the best possible way.
  • Excellence
Is seeing our clients use our innovative approach to Hypnotherapy overcoming the barriers holding them back in life.
  • Proactivity
We provide our clients with the tools & guidance to help them succeed.
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