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Therapy for Jealousy

Hypnotherapy Jealousy London

Does Hypnotherapy Jealousy actually work? My specific Hypnotherapy Jealousy program helps to effectively dissolve jealousy at it’s root.  Do you feel trapped in your thinking, insecure, threatened, anxious, angry, over-sensitive, over-possessive etc?  Hypnotherapy Jealousy program can help you to overcome these feelings very quickly.

I use a potent mix of hypnosis, NLP and powerful coaching interventions to help you overcome feelings of jealousy. Hypnotherapy Jealousy program is specifically designed to target the following types of Jealousy:

  • Jealous about your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband
  • Jealous about your siblings, cousins or other family members
  • Jealous about your work colleagues, manager or boss
  • Jealous about your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife or ex-husband
  • Jealous about your friend
  • Jealous about other people’s wealth and money
  • Jealous about other people’s love life and relationships
  • Jealous about other people’s success in life
  • Relationship problems caused by Jealousy
  • Jealousy caused by lack of self-esteem

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