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Hypnosis In London - Huffington Post - Signs Of A Break-up

Huffington Post Asks Malminder…When It’s Time To Break Up With A Partner

8 Signs You’re Going To Break Up With Your Partner

In the popular news and opinion website, Huffington Post, journalist Sophie Gallagher researches the signs that show that your relationship is heading for a break-up. Looking at eight signs that show a break up is on its way, Sophie Gallagher enlists relationship expert and clinical hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill for advice.

As a result, the article reads;

“While conducting the postmortem on failed relationships, it tends to become blindingly obvious they were doomed to end. So we’ve gathered the evidence from experts, and identified 8 signs that your love is on the way out (even if that’s not what you want to hear).”

Heading for a break-up?

One the signs that a relationship may break up is that you no longer trust your partner. Consequently, the article looks to Malminder for her expert advice;

“This might sound like the most obvious sign that your relationship is speeding towards the finish line, but for many people, a sense of distrust becomes so ingrained with the fabric of their relationship, they no longer realise it is abnormal.

Gill explained that this often stems from people being untrustworthy themselves and projecting this on to their partner, or as a result of them doing something in the past to warrant distrust. Either way, this is toxic and often leads to prompting them to feel guilty.”

You can read all of the eight signs that you’re going to break up with your partner in the full article on the Huffington Post here.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking relationship advice or are perhaps stuck in love and can’t move on, Malminder can help. With expert relationship hypnotherapy you can start to take back control of yourself and your relationship. Find out more about whether hypnotherapy is right for you with a free consultation with Malminder. Call 0207 971 7677to book your free 15-minute call.


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