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Hypnosis In London - Hip And Healthy Ask Malminder What Is A Mindful Haircut

Hip and Healthy Asks Malminder… What Is A Mindful Haircut?

What does a haircut mean to you? Is it a relaxing treat where you get to switch off or is it a practical activity that you need to tick off the list? For many people, a haircut is a time to scroll through social media or mindlessly flick through a magazine. So, is it time for a mindful haircut rather than a mindless one?

In order to maximise the benefit of a haircut experience, award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill has teamed up with Edward James Salons to create a mindful haircut experience. Lifestyle magazine, Hip and Healthy caught up with Malminder and Edward James to find out more about what a mindful haircut is and the benefit it provides.

What is a mindful haircut?

Put simply; a mindful haircut is putting the time that you have to sit still to better use. A mindful haircut allows you to fully relax and switch off so that a haircut becomes a calm and peaceful moment that benefits your well-being.

As Edward explains; ‘With the fast-paced society we live in, it’s easy to forget the meaning of what a hair appointment should really be – a time to sit, relax, draw back and focus on ourselves.’ 

With this in mind, meditation expert, Malminder Gill, was asked to create and record a range of meditations. Clients at Edward James salons can select the meditation that best suits their needs. This way they can receive pure relaxation and an improved state of wellbeing at the same time as having their hair styled to perfection.

See the meditation options and select your favourite for your mindful haircut by visiting the Edward James website here. You can even listen to a sample on the site to get you in the mood before your next trim.

You can also read the article in full on the Hip and Healthy website here.

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