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Hypnosis In London - The Independent - Self-hypnosis

The Independent Asks Malminder…About Self-Hypnosis.

‘How self-hypnosis changed my life.’

Dubbed ‘the new mindfulness’, this effective tool is helping people to let go and get happy.

In a recent article in the esteemed newspaper, The Independent, Malminder Gill was asked to give her expert advice on self-hypnosis and how it can change peoples’ lives.

The article explains;

“Many have extremely positive experiences of hypnosis, and for some, it is nothing short of life-changing. It has enabled people to overcome phobias and helped expectant mums prepare for childbirth, not to mention assisted thousands in their bids to stop smoking or lose weight.  Increasingly hypnosis is proving to be a lifeline for individuals experiencing emotional or mental difficulties when other treatments fail.”

Asking expert clinical hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill, about self-hypnosis she says;

“Put simply; hypnosis can help re-programme the mind with different beliefs. Self-hypnosis can be really helpful if you’re trying to overcome something, such as a fear, but also for anyone trying to break negative or unhelpful patterns of behaviour.”

Furthermore, asking about how she helps her client, Malminder elaborates;

“I teach them to use a different voice to inspire positive change. Clients come to understand what their minds are capable of, meaning they’re better able take back control and empower themselves.”

Research backs up Malminder’s approach too;

“Professor Stephen Redford, a specialist who has carried out long-term studies into brain activity and hypnosis, agrees that hypnosis can help unlock a new way of living.” He goes on to explain that self-hypnosis helps the brain to learn what it is capable of.

Consequently, if you would like to find out more about how self-hypnosis can change your life, you can read the article in full here. 

Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about self-hypnosis and how Malminder can help you to overcome any hurdles in your life, book a consultation today. For your free 15-minute consultation with Malminder, book by calling  0207 971 7677


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