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Hypnosis In London Metro Asks Malminder Emotional Eating

Metro Asks Malminder… How To Stop Emotional Eating

Beat the binge: Can hypnotherapy cure my emotional eating?

Leading hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill was put to the test by Metro journalist, Ashley Pearson, to see if hypnotherapy could control emotional eating habits.

Hypnotist, Malminder, not only specialises in emotional eating but has treated both celebrities and royalty for the issue.  Malminder says; “Emotional eating is something a lot of my clients struggle with. We tend to think of emotional eating as happening only when we’re sad or stressed, but I have clients who eat emotionally when they’re really happy, or even angry, too.”

Malminder begins her hypnotherapy for emotional eating by discussing the client and their personality. In the Metro, Ashley comments on how warm and friendly Malminder is and how she puts clients instantly at ease as if she is chatting to friends.

After finding out more about the client’s lifestyle, Malminder sets homework of observing food cravings. Every time the client experiences a craving, they should mentally stand back. By standing back, they let the craving get stronger and then eventually ebb away. Already Ashley stops drinking a daily Diet Coke and stops putting sweeteners in hot beverages.

Hypnotherapy for emotional eating

The next week, Ashley returns to Malminder’s Harley Street hypnotherapy practice. Malminder explains that she doesn’t believe in diets. Instead, she likes to focus on the client’s relationship with food.

Malminder begins hypnosis, in her relaxing and dimly lit office. During which she creates a personal script for the client that covers the client’s unique approach to emotional eating. Throughout the hypnosis, Malminder discusses habits, emotions, and intentions as a way to reprogramme the client’s mind and their relationship with food.

Afterwards, Ashley has a clear idea of the goals and how to make healthy choices. In fact, Ashley notices weight loss and a change in appetite (no more Diet Cokes!) as a result of a hypnosis session with Malminder.

You can find out more about Ashley’s experience by reading the full article in the Metro here. 

Furthermore, if you’d like to control your emotional eating, then hypnosis can help. Begin your first step by booking a free 15-minute consultation with Malminder by calling 0207 971 7677. 

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