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Hypnosis In London - Evening Standard How To Get Over An Ex

The Evening Standard Asks Malminder… How To Get Over An Ex

After thirteen people filed for divorce on Christmas Day and over 400 filed for divorce over the festive season, those in the legal profession now dub January as ‘Divorce Day’. It is the month where relationships typically break down after the stresses of making it through Christmas. With this in mind, the Evening Standard went straight to the award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill, who specialises in break-ups to ask how to get over an ex?

Why is now harder to get over an ex?

With the dominance of social media in our lives, it is now harder for couples to have a clean break. Malminder explains in the article about social media and the fact; “It keeps the other person ‘alive’ and people can become addicted to ‘spying’ on their ex, such as deleting and re-adding them.”

However, using a blend of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, Malminder has come up with a ten-step plan to get over a break-up in just ten days.

How to get over an ex in ten days

In the Evening Standard article, Malminder starts the ten-day plan by scheduling in some me-time. During the first two days, people should disconnect from social media completely. Newly-singletons should take a break from the usual activities (including taking a break from work, if possible). They should also focus on doing things that make them feel good.

Malminder then recommends getting angry on day three. Day three is the day where singletons should grab a pen and paper and start writing down all of the negative aspects of the relationship to help them get over an ex.

If you want to find out what Malminder recommends for the rest of the ten-day plan, you can read the article in full on the Evening Standard website here. However, if you’d like a more personalised break-up plan tailored to your specific needs, then call Malminder on ​0207 971 7677 for your free 15-minute consultation to help you get over an ex.

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