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DOSE Asks Malminder Which Beauty Treatments Offset Screen Time?


Many of us spend more time than we want to staring at our screens. Whether it’s for work, leisure or boredom, our endless scrolling can lead us to crease up our faces in front of our devices. Furthermore, devices such as phones, laptops and tablets emit a blue light which can damage our skin and eyes. Consequently, DOSE, London’s leading wellness platform, asks Harley Street Hypnotherapist what the best treatments are that offset screen time.

The Mindful Facial By Malminder Gill And Dr David Jack

One of the best beauty treatments to offset screen time is the mindful facial. Taking place at Dr David Jack’s clinic in Harley Street, expert facialist, Izabela Pawlitka carries out a full skin assessment and then creates a bespoke facial for your skin. This facial can help to repair blue light damage from screens while also tending to the needs of the skin.

During this luxurious facial, Malminder Gill will deliver a live hypnosis session. This hypnotherapy can focus on how to unplug from the digital world, reduce the time you spend on devices and ultimately help you switch off from technology.

Together, this powerful combination of treatments leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With both mental clarity and skin clarity, this two-in-one treatment is ideal for those who are time-poor but looking for both psychological and physical wellness.

Discussing the best beauty treatments that offset screen time, DOSE says; “Apparently, we each check our phones over 10,000 times a year. FYI, that’s 28 times a day. The Mindful Facial, a new treatment by Dr David Jack and Malminder Gill combines an expert facial and hypnosis. It cleanses the skin and the mind simultaneously.”

If you’d like to offset screen time and rejuvenate your mind and skin, then book your mindful facial here.

Read the article from DOSE in full here.

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