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Mindful Facial Hypnosis In London Country And Town House Mindful Facial

Country And Town House Asks Malminder…What Is A Mindful Facial?


This week, Rebecca Cox from Country And Town House Magazine, visited 96 Harley Street in London to receive the new wellness concept, the mindful facial. Devised by leading London hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill and esteemed aesthetic practitioner, Dr David Jack, the mindful facial skilfully addresses both mind and body wellness at the same time.

Keen to try out the lunch-hour transformation, Rebecca Cox went to try the genius wellness treatment which offers a bespoke facial with an hour of tailored hypnosis. The treatment is ideal for those who are time-poor but are looking to detoxify the skin and mind in one 60-minute treatment.

Before the mindful facial begins, Rebecca takes part in a phone consultation with Malminder Gill so that she can prepare a bespoke live hypnosis session. This ensures the hypnosis is perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual and addresses any concerns that they may have.

Secondly, Rebecca receives a skincare consultation by Head Facialist, Izabela Pawlitka. Consequently, this is to ensure the facial focuses specifically on any skin concerns and requirements.

About The Mindful Facial

With the mindful facial underway, Rebecca says that Malminder Gill has the ‘world’s most soothing voice’, to help you completely relax and let go. Simultaneously, Izabela works her magic with ‘deftness and lightness’.

For the hour-long treatment, Rebecca receives cleansing, dermaplaning, chemical peel and moisturising. All the while, Malminder is delivering a bespoke transformative treatment to help Rebecca relax and let go of any stresses.

Reviewing the treatment, Rebecca says; “Immediately following the treatment my skin looked and felt more radiant and (after coming around properly) I felt roughly one hundred times more relaxed than I had on entering 96 Harley Street. While the commute home through central London upset this new-found inner calm temporarily, the recording sent by Malminder has helped to restore the state of relaxation ever since.”

To book your bespoke Mindful Facial call 020 7589 6309 or email

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