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Bride Magazine Asks Malminder…How To Conquer Bridal Anxieties

Bridal Anxieties: Be prepared for when wedding anxieties strike and learn how to nip them in the bud.

While wedding preparations should be exciting and enjoyable, sadly anxiety can strike at any time. Planning a wedding can create a whole wealth of new problems. Most of which you may never have encountered before, during which it is normal to experience worry, unease and instability.

However, throughout the whole wedding planning experience, it is essential to address your mental health. Furthermore, there are many ways that you can conquer wedding anxieties when they appear.

Malminder Gill’s Bridal Anxiety Programme

Bride Magazine got in touch with the award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill. Malminder has recently launched a Bridal Anxieties Programme. This treatment course helps brides-to-be with all the pressures they may face during wedding planning.

One area that many brides suffer with is people-pleasing. This is where the wedding stops being about you and the focus shifts to keeping people happy. For this, Malminder recommends; “Be clear on what you and your partner want for your wedding day first. Discover between yourselves the non-negotiables before discussing and sharing your ideas with friends and families who can have an input on ‘negotiable’ items.” 

How to conquer bridal anxieties

In the Bride Magazine article, you can read more about how to overcome different bridal anxieties. Aspects covered include how to cope with being the centre of attention as well as how to deal with body insecurities. Some other common bridal anxieties that Bride Magazine cover includes striving for perfection. With this, brides can find that they begin to obsess over every little detail.

If you want to find out how to conquer your bridal anxieties, you can read Bride Magazine’s article in full here.

Furthermore, if you need support in tackling your bridal anxieties, so you can enjoy your unforgettable day, get in touch with Malminder. During your fires free consultation, Malminder can explain her bridal anxieties programme and how it can help you to be a bride without worry!

Call now to book your free consultation on 0207 971 7677.

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