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Hypnosis In London The Daily Mail Asks Malminder…How To Spring Clean Your Emotions

The Daily Mail Asks Malminder…How To Cure A Broken Heart In Ten Days

‘Could this woman really cure a broken heart in 10 days? Devastated by her break-up, SOPHIA MONEY-COUTTS just couldn’t stop thinking about her ex so sought a radical new therapist.’

After breaking up with her partner of 18-months, author and writer Sophia Money-Coutts sought out a radical new approach to help cure her broken heart in just ten days. Award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill has devised an impressive ten-day therapy programme to help anyone manage a breakup.

How to cure a broken heart with therapy

In the article in the Daily Mail, Malminder Gill offers a range of therapy techniques to help cure a broken heart. For many clients, including Sophia, breaking up during mid-life is incredibly difficult, and it is the most common age-range that Malminder sees.

The first day of the ten-day treatment plan begins with a discussion. Malminder invites clients to get comfortable and start talking about anything that they believe is relevant.

Based on what the clients say in the first session, Malminder then creates a series of statements to use in the second session. These statements come as part of an Emotional Freedom Technique. As the statements are said, Malminder taps certain points on the body to free any emotional blockages.

From then, Malminder uses a range of techniques including hypnotherapy and NLP. This is because Malminder firmly believes that no single way can cure a broken heart. However, a variety of methods serve as brain training to help clients get over someone.

At the end of the ten days, Sophia Money-Coutts said; “I still miss my ex and think of him often, but I can reflect on her question without instantly wincing and my eyes welling up. It’s as if the sting has been taken out of the break-up. It turns out you can make progress in ten days, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.”

Read the full article detail Sophia’s experiences in the Daily Mail here.

If you want to cure a broken heart in just ten-days, then get in touch with Malminder for your first free consultation and find out how she can help you. Book your free 15-minute consultation by calling 0207 971 7677.

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