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Find Your Life Purpose With These Ten Life-Affirming Questions

Do you feel something is missing from your life? Perhaps you think that you’re not quite as happy as you should be. From the outset, it may seem like you have it all, and people may assume that your life is perfect. However, inside, you may feel disengaged, lethargic, unsettled or just not quite right. You may feel like you are existing rather than living. You may feel you are lacking a life purpose.

I have seen many clients recently who feel like they have so much in their life to be happy about. They will tell me that they have a great job, fantastic social life, wonderful family, perfect partner or lifestyle. However, as they say this, it is clear that something is not right or that they feel there is something missing. Often, clients will say that they lack a purpose.

In last week’s article, I talked about how to take control of your life and focus on what you want rather than what you ‘should’ want. This week, I go one step further to help you discover what you do want from life and how to find your life purpose.

How to find your purpose

Finding your life purpose is not easy and does require some soul searching. Below, I offer ten questions that you can ask yourself to help you find your focus and work out what really does make you happy.

These questions will need time and thought. I recommend setting aside some time where you can be alone with your thoughts, away from all of life’s distractions. Before starting this exercise, I recommend spending a few minutes focusing on your breathing or meditating, so that you can go deeper into yourself and find the real answers, not the superficial surface answers.

The answers to these questions may not come to mind straight away. After thinking about the questions put forward, keep a notebook or journal close by so that you can make notes. You never know, the answers may come to you on your commute, during your gym session or when you are doing something you love.

Ten Life-Affirming Questions To Find Your Life Purpose

1.      What are you willing to sacrifice for?

Sadly, finding your life purpose will not lead to a happy ever after. There will still be the problematic moments and hardships that occur through life. However, you can lighten the load by determining what you are willing to make sacrifices for. There will be things in your life worth the extra work, toil and stress and there will be things that are just not worth it.

If you think there is anything in your life that doesn’t deserve the sacrifice you are making, it may be time to evaluate whether you want to continue on that path.

2.      What have you done in the last seven days which felt purposeful or gave you satisfaction?

These actions should be your drivers. These are the activities you should do more of and explore further where possible.

3.      When do you feel most alive and electrified?

What is it that gets the adrenaline pumping and your energy levels rising?

4.      What pain are you still holding on to?

Pain that still hurts and still affects you can actually be an incredible driving force in determining a powerful purpose. If you’ve experienced a pain that you simply cannot live with and affects you so profoundly, it can push you in a direction you may never have considered.

5.      How do you want to be remembered?

It may help to think of this as what you want your grandchildren to say about you, or how your epitaph could read.

6.      What inspires you?

When you’re scrolling through social media, or throughout your typical day; what do you see or experience that gives you inspiration? Furthermore, what do you want to do with that inspiration?

7.      Who do you want to help?

Think about where your most significant impact and best achievements would come from. It may be that you have already found a purpose you want to pursue, but it is directed at the wrong audience.

8.      If you didn’t have the responsibilities that you have now, how would you spend your days so that you felt alive and happy?

Consider what activities would fill your day to give you fulfilment, achievement and happiness.

9.      What do you enjoy expressing most in the world?

Furthermore, what are your favourite ways to express yourself?

10.  What is your heart telling you?

We all have inner guidance. Whether it is your heart or gut instinct, this can be a powerful driving force and shouldn’t be ignored or confined.

I really hope that these questions have provided the insight and guidance you are looking for when considering your life purpose. As always, I am here to help you to not only find but pursue your mission through personalised, blended therapy. Call my team on 0207 971 7677 to book your free consultation with me.

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