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Hypnosis In London Which Type Of Decision Maker Are You?

Are You Making The Right Choice?

Did you know the average person makes over 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day? Furthermore, 227 of these decisions centre around food! However, for many people, decision making can be hard. Being indecisive can cause distress. In fact, studies have shown that if you are a particular type of decision maker, then you may face more stress and difficulty. However, fortunately, you can alter the way you make decisions to make them less daunting and less stressful.

What type of decision maker are you?

Research shows that there are two main ways that people make decisions. The first is assessment-oriented decision making.  People who use this type of decision making will focus on doing what is right. Typically, they will want to do things the ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way. This type of decision making focuses on finding the one truth or the right path.

Often assessment-oriented decision makers will prefer to make their decisions based on what they feel they ‘should’ do rather than what will make them feel happy.

The second type of decision making is known as locomotion-oriented, and this focuses on change and continuous movement. People who tend to use this type of decision making are quick-thinkers and would rather take action quickly than worry about whether it is the right choice.

Research shows that for daily decisions, locomotion-oriented decisions are generally the better option as they not only make sure the process is quick and get the job done, but you’re more likely to choose the outcome that makes you happy. Furthermore, those who tend to make more assessment-oriented decisions tend to have more distress, worry and negative feelings than others. However, for life-altering choices, it may provide the most reasoned and logical response.

How to improve your decision making

It is important to know which type of decision making that you lean too. When this is at the forefront of your mind, you can then be more conscious about the process you are using for the situation you are in and the type of decision you have to make. Then you can begin to tailor your decision-making style to better suit the situation.

For example, low stake decisions such as those that do not have a public consequence can be made quickly, in a locomotion-oriented way. On the other hand, high stakes decisions that have a clear distinction between yes or no or right or wrong, are best made with an assessment-oriented mindset.

Top tips for decision making

If you’re still struggling with difficult decisions, then these tips may help;

  1. Take your own advice

Consider the decision as if it was a close friend who had to make it. Think about what advice you would give to someone in the same situation. Have you had experience in a similar situation? If you have, think about what you would do differently. You do not want to repeat the same bad decision.

  1. Will your conscience be clear?

You’ll need to be able to sleep comfortably with your decision. The decision may be difficult and emotionally draining. However, if you’re struggling to make a decision, it is best to act for the good of everyone. Consult your moral code before making a decision that may cause guilt or that will lay heavy on your conscience.

  1. Listen to your intuition

Your intuition or inner guidance is your internal power that shows you that you are capable of making the right decision. It is wise to listen to your inner voice as often it will give you the right or instinctual decision that you may not know that you can make.

  1. Get organised

If you are really unsure, it is wise to organise your thoughts, decisions and potential outcomes to give yourself some clarity. You can then work out which is most likely to provide you with a better result or that will provide the highest good. Remember, this may not be how the situation will actually pan out but is the one that is most likely to give you the best outcome.

Are you overwhelmed with the pressure of decision making?

For guidance in decision making and releasing your inner voice, my blended therapy can help. We can work together to determine what is holding you back with your decisions and help you to find your confidence in making the right choices for you. Book your free consultation today by emailing or calling ​0207 971 7677.

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