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Feeling Stuck? Try Adopting A Growth Mindset

With lockdown restrictions, and 2020 feeling very stop-start, it is no surprise that many people are feeling stuck in a rut. The word ‘can’t’ is now commonplace in vocabulary, whether it’s ‘I can’t change careers now!’, ‘I can’t plan anything for next year!’ or ‘I can’t stand this!’. However, these phrases centre around having a very fixed mindset. To feel un-stuck and able to explore the possibilities available to you, it helps to adopt a growth mindset.

So, what is a growth mindset, and how can it help you to move forward and achieve more than you thought possible, despite the strange circumstances we find ourselves in?

What Is A Growth Mindset?

Carol Dweck coined the term of growth mindset in her book, Mindset. In this, she differentiates between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Fixed Mindset

With a fixed mindset, you are likely to believe that you have to work with what you are given. This can mean that your skills and abilities are fixed from birth or a young age. For example, you may believe that your intelligence is fixed. So, while you might be able to learn new things, you’ll always believe that you can’t change how intelligent you are.  

Similarly, there may be character traits that you describe yourself as and think you’ll always be. You may understand you can do things differently, but you’ll still believe that deep-down, you’re a certain type of person.

With this fixed mindset, it is understandable that you may feel stuck, or that what you can do or be feels out of your control. This is where it can really help to develop a growth mindset, that allows you to see that you are capable of so much more than you may initially believe.

Growth Mindset

This type of mindset focuses on the fact that you can develop and improve your abilities with hard work and dedication. With this mindset, you don’t feel stuck or bounded by limitations. Instead, with this mindset, you understand that you can always achieve the results you desire, with the right strategy and perseverance.

Which Mindset Do You Have?

To work out what mindset you currently have, which of the following two statements do you identify with the most?

  1. I know I can do things differently, but the core of who I am doesn’t change.
  2. With each new experience, I am ever-evolving and building my skills and abilities.

If you identify with the first statement, this indicates a fixed mindset. The latter is a growth mindset. If you currently have a fixed mindset but are looking to move forward and get out of a rut or sense of stuckness that you find yourself in, then it is possible to build a growth mindset. With this, you can open yourself up to new skills, experiences, and a chance to shape your future with boundless possibilities.

Furthermore, it is a chance to achieve what you desire, whatever the circumstances.

Does Mindset Matter?

It may seem that mindset shouldn’t matter. However, your mindset can feed into everything you do. For example, with a fixed mindset, you may shy away from a challenge, as it isn’t in your skill set. You may avoid new experiences for fear of embarrassment or worrying about making a mistake.

However, with a growth mindset, you enjoy the chance to try new things and will embrace the challenge, because whether or not it is a success, it is a chance to learn. What’s more, this is a mindset that instils belief. Because you believe you can, you’re more willing to try. Consequently, your experiences can be broader and more fulfilling.

Three Top Tips To Grow Your Growth Mindset

1.     Change Challenge To Opportunity

Understandably, challenges can feel scary and overwhelming. It can put you off before you even start. However, by reframing the word challenge to opportunity, it can shift your perspective to a more positive and optimistic outlook. It can also help to change the way you talk about certain activities, switching from ‘I have to…’ to ‘I get to…’ which makes it much more appealing.

2.      Cultivate Self-Acceptance

When you look to others for approval, it can prevent you from trying things outside of your comfort zone. However, by learning to trust yourself and remembering that you are the only person who you need to impress, with self-acceptance, you can be fearless in trying new things and achieving your dreams.

3.     Be OK With ‘Not Yet’

Mastering new skills take time, so it’s OK if things take time to learn. Use the word ‘yet’ to prevent you from giving up when learning becomes a struggle. Instead of saying you give up, say that you haven’t mastered it, yet. In fact, it can be good practice to tag on ‘yet’ to any negative thought that starts with ‘I can’t’. Instead, change it to ‘I can’t… yet.’

There is value in improving. As they say, its about the journey, not the destination! And remember, the focus should always be on improving, rather than proving.

Need Support In Becoming Un-Stuck?

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, then hypnotherapy and mindset coaching can help you to understand what’s holding you back and then reprogram your mindset so that you can make progress in the things you want to achieve. To find out more, book your first free consultation with me today by emailing

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