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Hypnosis In London Secret To Weight Loss Success

The Secret To Weight Loss Success

Do you want to shift a few pounds before Christmas or perhaps have been meaning to finally hit that long-term healthy weight goal? You may be thinking about opting for a juice cleanse or possibly trying the paleo diet. But I want you to forget all about the different diet options. For any weight loss plan to be successful, the first step is preparing the mind, not your smoothies. So, before you start any new diet trend, follow my advice to get your mind ready for weight loss.

Boost Your Motivation

There is no big secret to weight loss, but there is a secret to its success.

The fact is to lose weight; you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Eat less; move more.

Sounds simple, right?

So why, after a few days, is it impossible to resist that unhealthy snack or so easy to skip the gym? For most of us, our weight loss goals become undone when life gets in the way. Whether working too hard means we’re too exhausted to hit the gym or a lousy day leaves us reaching for unhealthy treats. Sometimes, it’s the celebratory events; from cakes at work to meals out with friends that lead us to fall short of our weight loss goals. In other cases, it can simply be a case of mindless eating.

To get the success you want to see, you have to have the right motivation. Telling yourself that you can’t have cake at work or that you must go to the gym is negative. Therefore, it is impossible to maintain the motivation and enthusiasm to stick to a plan where it all feels so negative, restrictive and downright miserable.

So, how can you boost your motivation so that you stick to your goals?

Eliminate Negative Words

Our minds will automatically resist negative words, especially when it comes to losing weight. So get rids of words that make you miserable like ‘diet’, ‘low-fat’, ‘restrictive eating’ even ‘low calorie’. Whatever words are your trigger for making weight loss sound like a chore, write them all down and then try never to use them again. Weight loss shouldn’t feel negative, or you’ll never want to do it.

Another word to eliminate is ‘cheat days’. When you have the right mindset for weight loss, you won’t need to consider it necessary to have a ‘day off’ from your plan. So, if you want chocolate, don’t wait to have it on a cheat day, have it when you want while still focusing on prioritising the healthy choices that are good for your body and make you feel good. When you start seeing the positive effects of having a healthier lifestyle, you may not even feel the need for a treat anyway!

Give Positive Praise

More than simply celebrating every time you hit a weight loss milestone, tell yourself all of the positive feelings you are experiencing. For example, are you proud of your healthy eating mindset? Do you feel strong and sexy thanks to the exercise you are doing? Is being healthier making you feel more energetic, radiant and week? Do you feel accomplished, confident and happy?

Make sure to recognise and take stock of all the positives that come with a healthy lifestyle mindset. It is more than simply numbers on a scale, but how your new plan makes you feel. The more you recognise the positives, the more motivation you will have to keep going and less chance that you will make unhealthy choices. If you get tempted by an unhealthy option, ask yourself; ‘will it feel as good as making a healthy choice?. The chances are it won’t.

Visualise Your Success

A recent study found that Functional Imagery Training that uses visualisations can significantly help people to lose weight. Participants in the study who used visualisations lost five times more weight than other weight loss methods.

Visualisations are something I frequently use with weight loss clients. It focuses on creating visualisations to show what is possible when the client achieves their weight loss goals. During the visualisation, we look at what achieving the goal would allow them to do or experience that they cannot do or feel at the moment. This could be the confidence to wear swimwear in public, to feeling fit enough to take on a new challenge.

My Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program is a six-week course that you can download and enjoy at home. It is an effective program that gives you ease and flexibility when it comes to weight loss. It works to make you feel good and motivates you to achieve your goals with powerful visualisations without any diet misery.

If you feel like you need more support in training your mindset for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, then I offer a targeted face-to-face weight loss hypnosis program. The plan works to specifically focus on the key areas that are holding you back while reframing your mindset so that you can’t wait to become a healthier, happier you.

Find out more about my Weight Loss hypnosis here and book your first free consultation today by emailing It is time to ditch the diet for good!

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