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7 Surprising Signs It’s Time To Seek Help

Distress, Develop and Disorders are largely considered the 3 D’s of therapy. With this in mind, there are many reasons why someone may want to see a professional regarding their mental health. From learning how to manage the symptoms of stress, strengthening their resilience and mental health, and finding support for any medical conditions you may have. But, with a wealth of information available now, when is it best to go from self-treatment to seeking professional help?

Here are seven more surprising signs that seeking professional help could benefit you.

Seven Surprising Signs It’s Time To Seek Help

1.     You Now Always Assume The Worst

In the past, an unexpected event may excite you. Now, whenever something out of the ordinary happens, you assume the worst. Perhaps you get a message which says, ‘call me back’; your mind only focuses on the negative scenarios. If a friend hasn’t been in touch for a while, you may have constant worries about what you did wrong rather than consider other responses such as ‘they must be busy’.

This belief that only bad things are going to happen can hugely distort your reality and create a never-ending cycle of feeling pensive and negative.

2.     Your Relationship With Food Has Changed

Undereating, lack of appetite, comfort eating, bingeing or obsessive control over portions/calories can indicate an emotional issue or concern underneath. When your attitude towards food has changed, and your relationship with food doesn’t seem healthy, it can be wise to seek professional help to explore the emotional response that’s causing this.

3.     Life Feels Empty

There is a common misconception that work feels soul-sucking, and we live for the weekends. This means that many people brush off this feeling of emptiness when it comes to their work. If you feel that you lack direction or are feeling unfulfilled, then therapy can help you reconnect with who you are and help you find your ‘why’.

4.     You’re Achy

When you’re stressed or anxious, you may not notice that you’re holding tension in your body. Later, this tension may manifest in aches and pains that medical tests can’t explain, particularly around the neck, shoulders, and jawline.

5.     Your Only Focus Is Your Career

If you are only defining yourself by the job you do or the career path you’re following, this may show that there are insecurities elsewhere. If your friends, family or coworkers regularly describe you as a workaholic, this may indicate that your wellbeing is off-kilter. Seeing a therapist can help you get your work/life balance back on track.

6.     No One’s On The Same Page As You

Do you feel like you struggle to connect with people? Perhaps, you feel that no one really ‘gets’ you. This can indicate a challenge of finding fulfilling relationships. Childhood can often shape how you interact and create relationships with others, and if there have been negative early experiences, these may need addressing to help you move forward.

7.     It Always Feels Like One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

It’s no secret that life can be a rollercoaster. But if you repeatedly find yourself telling people that your life constantly feels like you’re going backwards rather than forwards or that every positive thing is ‘one step forward, two steps back’, then it could be a sign that you haven’t processed an event/trauma. Events such as loss, pain, rejection or perceived failure can be challenging and cause suffering. However, if these events stop you from moving forward, seeking professional help may help you move on with acceptance and understanding.

If any of these signs resonated with you, I’m here to talk. Please feel free to book your free 1:1 consultation with me by emailing I am available for in-person and virtual therapy to suit every need.

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