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Hypnotherapy London Relationship Suffering
Hypnotherapy London relationship suffering

Are You Suffering From Relationship Fatigue?

A lack of motivation, exhaustion, and having no interest in things that once engaged you are all common signs of burnout. Usually, when we think of burnout, we think of work. However, it is normal to suffer from a relationship burnout too. Relationship fatigue or a relationship burnout typically manifests slowly over time as one or both partners become bored with the relationship. However, suffering from a burnout doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. There are ways that you can reignite the spark and refresh your relationship.

Are you heading towards a relationship burnout?

When you think about your partner, how do you feel? Usually, in the early days of a relationship, a partner will make you feel excited and happy. You may feel like you are both in a bubble of your own. However, in most relationships, the honeymoon period does come to a natural end. What’s left may be a solid friendship and companionship with love, trust and attraction. However, sometimes, it can start to highlight the negatives in a relationship.

Common signs that you are starting to feel relationship fatigue is when you think of your partner and the first memories that come to mind are the bad moments rather than the good. You may find yourself being critical of your partner or perhaps just feeling generally cynical about love and relationships as a whole.

However, perhaps the most common sign of relationship fatigue is when you notice that your emotional energy is almost depleted. You may find that you are not giving yourself to your partner in a way that you once would. Perhaps you are struggling to support them in the ways they would like. Alternatively, you may find that you are more unwilling to give them the time or affection you once would have.

Five key signs of a relationship fatigue

  • Your communication levels have dropped
  • You and your partner are always fighting
  • You make excuses not to spend time together
  • The prospect of your future together bores you
  • You have a wandering eye or are finding excitement elsewhere.

If any of these signs sound familiar, don’t worry. The same old routine and years together can make relationships lose their sparkle, and it may feel tired. However, there are lasting ways to refresh your relationship and ensure that both you and your partner are getting what you need.

 How to refresh your relationship

Let go of your expectations

Romantic films, books and songs can give us super-high expectations of relationships. Not every relationship is full of romantic surprises and significant gestures. What’s more, the ‘can’t keep your hands off each other’ stage does usually fade for most people. So, instead of waiting for movie-style romance, let go of your expectations and enjoy the uniqueness of your relationship.

Reduce your effort level

This may seem counterproductive, but putting too much effort into your relationship can actually lead to resentment. This is especially true if you feel that your partner isn’t making any effort. So, try to refrain from putting too much effort in and just let both you and your partner relax. You may find that after a break, you actually want to increase your effort in the relationship. However, you should only ever put energy in willingly, rather than feeling like you have to.

Give yourself space

The best relationships are not the ones where the couple does everything together, but the ones where each person has the space and room to grow as an individual. By making sure you have time and space to do your own thing, you refresh yourself.  The more you refill your own cup, the more you have to give and the more energy you want to spend on your relationship.

So, make sure you have time to do something away from your relationship, it could be spending time with friends, practising a new hobby or joining a sports team. It may help to encourage your partner to do the same.

Make a connection

As well as giving each other space, it is important to spend some time connecting too. It could be as simple as holding hands or even looking into your partner’s eyes when they are talking. A connection could be as simple as a hug or perhaps you can do something new together. You could join an exercise class or learn a new language together. By building on these connections, you create new links that can make you feel closer.

Be truthful

One of the biggest building blocks of intimacy is being honest with your partner. Ensuring you’re not locking secrets away or hiding your real emotions is essential for a happy, healthy relationship. For people that are not used to expressing how they feel or don’t like bearing all, this can be really important. It is not that you have to communicate in a way you don’t like, you don’t even have to communicate more, or spend hours talking about your feelings but you do ensure everything that you do say is truthful.

Are you struggling with relationship fatigue?

If you’re struggling with relationship fatigue or burnout and not sure what to do next, my hypnotherapy for relationships can really help. Get your relationship on the right track for your needs with confidence and assurance. Start today by emailing to book your free 15-minute consultation.

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