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Hypnosis In London The Times Asks Malminder…What Is A Love Workshop?

The Times Asks Malminder…What Is A Love Workshop?

‘Bonding in Bangkok: our writer and her fiancé attend a new love workshop.’

The award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gil, regularly hosts love workshops. A love workshop is suitable for all people who want to heal heartbreak, learn to love, release negativity and improve a relationship in a healthy way. The focus of a love workshop can help couples to stay; ‘mentally, emotionally and spiritually united’.

A journalist for The Times, Hannah Summers attended a recent Love Workshop hosted by Malminder in Bangkok. Hannah is getting married soon and wants to strengthen her relationship with the tools and techniques needed for marriage. She sees the workshop as a ‘preemptive undertaking’. This is because of the high statistics that 42% of marriages end in divorce. Malminder agrees. She says; “It’s a wise move doing sessions like these before any big commitment. Most people go down this route when relationship issues have become deep-rooted. By then, they are in the thick of pain.”

During the workshop, Malminder provides helpful suggestions to help couples navigate through potential problems. These techniques include anxiety-focused hypnotherapy and even couple’s meditation. Malminder’s co-host Angeli Jagota adds strategies such as weekly pillow talk sessions and sitting back to back with your partner and inhaling and exhaling at the same rhythm.

Hannah immediately notices the effect of Malminder’s hypnotherapy, saying that it leaves her with a lovely lightness.

You can read more about Hannah’s experience at the Love Workshop with Malminder Gill by reading the article in The Times here.

If you’d like to find out more about a Love Workshop and stay up to date about the next planned Love Workshop event, email Furthermore, if you’d like to benefit from relationship therapy that Malminder offers, get in touch to book your free consultation by calling 0207 971 7677.

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