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Hypnotherapy London

How Stress And Anxiety Can Affect You

A third of British employees are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.[1] That's according to the survey done by PwC, a management consultancy firm, on 2,000 British workers in junior and senior roles. What is stress? Stress and anxiety often…

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Getting your brain over the breakup…fast

A breakup is inevitable for most of us. According to Helen Chua, a marriage expert, over 85 percent of relationships end up in breakups. This usually happens in long-term relationships as time can magnify our partner’s flaws.[1] Although it’s inevitable,…

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Sex Improves Sleep

Why Sex Improves Sleep?

Dr. Michele Lastella, a sleep researcher at Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science at CQ University, has been investigating the link between sex and sleep. Based on their preliminary data, Lastella and his team found out that over 60 percent of…

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Inner Conflict

The Divided Self: Inner Conflict

There are times when making a decision can be hard to do especially when we are making ‘life changing’ ones. When we find ourselves torn with inner conflict between options or alternatives, we feel ‘paralyzed.’ We feel as if we…

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Overwhelmed? Try This Now

In a research carried out by Bupa UK, 27 percent of the respondents admitted that they are close to the breaking point and feel overwhelmed. Money is the leading cause of anxiety and stress by these respondents, followed by work…

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