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Malminder Gill's Hypnotherapy Practice | 96 Harley Street

Hypnosis In London - Weight Loss

How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders - these are just some of the serious health consequences from being overweight. Over the past years, obesity rates in the UK have soared dramatically. The country has the highest obesity rate…

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Hypnosis In London - PTSD

How To Cope With PTSD

When you’re involved or when you’ve witnessed a traumatic event, it’s normal to feel upset or distressed about it. For some people these emotional and physical reactions to distressing events only last for a short period of time. It’s different…

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Hypnosis In London - Stop Texting

Why You Should Stop Texting

The average number of text a Briton sends in a week has doubled in four years.[1] For many UK adults, texting has surpassed traditional phone calls or even meeting face to face as a way of communicating. Text messaging may…

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