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In this week’s post I talk about stop smoking hypnotherapy London. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 4 May 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

One of the most difficult addictions to overcome is smoking. Smokers spend millions of pounds every year on aids to help them give up this unhealthy habit. Medications, patches, gum: these are all things smoking addicts use to free themselves from the power of nicotine. Unfortunately, many of these methods do not work, leaving smokers more frustrated and poorer.

To truly cease smoking using stop smoking hypnotherapy London treatment works. Eighty percent of those seeking treatment at Malminder’s Harley Street Practice successfully quit smoking in just a session or two. The results are not miraculous but are backed by science and sound medical practice. Hypnotherapy belongs in the mainstream of modern healthcare treatments.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Method
Hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques and the power of suggestion to help people overcome negative behaviors and start living a healthier life. Malminder discusses a treatment plan with each patient and then uses hypnosis to help patients reach their goals. For many, only one session is required to give them a smoke-free life.

The hypnotherapist often makes suggestions to patients who are in a deep state of relaxation that they imagine that smoking causes a horrible smell or that smoking will make their mouths terribly dry. These suggestions often work because those being treated are more open to suggestion.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Myths
Stop smoking hypnotherapy London does not make patients lose control and do things that violate their standards. The reality of hypnotherapy is that the patient remains in control. The therapist only functions as a facilitator and does not “take over’ the client’s mind.

In general, people do not lose consciousness or their memory. Only a few people actually experience amnesia, and those are people who go into a very deep trance. Stage hypnotists choose very susceptible audience members to use in their acts, so judging the therapy by its entertainment value is not valid. Being hypnotized will not lead people to strip off their clothes and then go rob a bank. The process does not work in that manner.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy London offers clients the skills of Malminder on Harley street for smoking cessation therapy. In just a few sessions, patients can overcome years of addiction to a horribly unhealthy habit. Their health will improve, and they will save thousands of pounds annually that they have been spending on cigarettes. Best of all, the method is painless and affordable. Malminder offers online hypnosis via Skype for anyone outside of London who wishes to have Hypnotherapy for weight loss, Hypnotherapy for addictions and more.

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