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Hypnotherapist Harley Street – Malminder Gill was asked by Times Of India to share her thoughts on the concept of LUCK. Read the full article below. Published by Times Of India on 08 Nov 2015, written by Nona Walia. 

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.”– A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams

The next time you are down in the dumps, don’t blame your luck. People go through ups and downs. But changing their own luck and destiny is in their hands. According to Richard Wiseman, professor of psychology and author of Luck Factor, unlucky people can change their fortune. He studied 1,000 people and came to this conclusion – in tough moments, it’s resilience that turns bad luck into a good one. “Lucky people aren’t always lucky – they handle adversity better,” says Wiseman. The trick doesn’t lie in the sleight of hand but the state of your mind. This Diwali, when you are spreading out your cards, whatever your fortune; remember that in real life, the rules are in your hands. You can overturn your bad fortune and make it a good one just by believing in yourself.

Luck follows people who do not get gloomy when facing a problem, and seek the world. Life coach Malminder Gill believes luck is a skill you cultivate. “Everything you see around you started with a thought; that led to an idea. Acting upon this idea brings it to life. Thus, when you think of yourself as lucky, you increase your self-confidence.”

Lucky people make the most of bad situations and don’t fold up – they get stronger and keep going. Wiseman’s golden lucky rules are:
– Maximise opportunities
– Keep trying new things
– Listen to hunches, especially if it’s an area where you have some experience. In short, trust your intuition

You don’t need tarot card readers, astrologers or coffee cup readers to predict your future. Indulge in lucky thinking, and it transforms your life. Go to Times of India to Read more

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