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Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are incredibly powerful; both positively and negatively. When harnessed correctly, studies have shown that self-affirmations can significantly boost your performance and can calm nerves and anxiety too.

Having used powerful affirmations during my hypnotherapy sessions with clients for over eight years, I have experienced first-hand how positive, effective and life-changing affirmations can be. Knowing how to turn negative affirmations into positive can be challenging, but once in place, they can be a great source of power to an individual. To help increase your positive thinking, I have created a powerhouse of hypnotic affirmations for you to enjoy for free.

A client’s story

“I came to see Malminder when I was stuck in a job I hated and every relationship I had seemed to fail quickly. I hated myself. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like the way I looked or the shape I was. At work, I went by unnoticed, never landing any promotions available.

In just a couple of sessions, Malminder showed me how these negative affirmations were affecting my whole life. Working with me to incorporate positive affirmations into my daily habits I now value myself so much more. Instead of thinking I’m unlucky and unlovable, I now know that life wants the best for me and the amazing thing is I love myself!”

How do affirmations work?

An affirmation is a statement about a perceived truth, said with confidence. They work by making your mind believe the statement that it hears. All too often, we remember the negative affirmations, such as being told as a child you are clumsy, or at work, that you are not good enough. These statements can manifest in the mind, and we then reinforce the affirmations throughout our lives. As negative thought patterns can be so strong, they sadly can override any positive beliefs we hold about ourselves.

To override the negative, we have to retrain our thinking with positive affirmations.

How to use positive affirmations

Affirmations can help;

  • Raise confidence
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Control negative feelings
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Increase productivity.

However, to use them effectively, there are some key steps to follow;

1.     Tap into the language of the brain

For affirmations to register in the mind, they need to be in the present tense. Your brain will not respond to future tense. You also need to make sure that you do not use any negative words such as can’t or won’t. Finally, affirmations need to be statements of truth. Do not include ambiguity such as might or could.

2.     Use repetition

As with any new activity, practice makes perfect. You, therefore, need to repeat affirmations regularly throughout the day so that your brain strengthens the connection. It is important also to engage your brain with a positive affirmation when a negative thought appears. Furthermore, with regular repetition, you can enjoy more focus and clarity.  To begin with, it is wise to set a routine, such as repeating affirmations twenty times, three times a day.

3.     Add physical reinforcement

Using a physical touch can further empower your affirmation. Many therapists have noticed the positive effects of using positive affirmations alongside Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and tapping. Touch and physical actions will help your brain remember the positive affirmation.

Make affirmations work for you

I know how powerful affirmations can be, so I want to share the experience with you.  Please join me every month for a live hypnosis where I incorporate affirmations into every session – the first month is free using coupon code COMP2020

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