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When you hear talk of New Year’s resolutions rarely do you find people willing to explore how they can improve a relationship. Even though the following ideas can be brought in at any time to strengthen a relationship, the beginning of the year represents a wonderful opportunity to make decisions that last.

Couples hardly ever speak to each other about the many ways they can grow, both as individuals and together. Enhanced communication is not just an excuse but should be considered the primary driver behind every successful relationship. When the two of you can be open and honest about the inner workings of your relationship there will always be a great hope for a permanent future together.

Here are a few key areas that if taken on as a joint venture by a couple can do wonders for you both and help you to climb the ladder to joy, fulfillment, and mutual happiness so much faster.

Find a special pastime you both can enjoy together

With work commitments and never enough time in the day, couples deserve as much alone time together as possible. The key is to really make the private time you spend together quality. What can be better than engaging in an activity you both enjoy doing? The more you do things as a team the more you will function as such.

Why not put together some ideas on paper of potential activities you know will bring the of you closer? Now is certainly not the time to be selfish so make sure you try to include as many activities you know your partner will like. Now comes the fun part. Sitting down and discussing these ideas you will realise there’s still so much more you each have to learn about each other.

Remember the final choice should be 100% mutual – an activity both of you will be pleased with. When a couple can gel on mutually agreed decisions it’s as though they’ve made something beautiful together. Sound familiar, like when you create a new life together? And then enjoying your newly found hobby that you both look forward to will continue to cement the bonds of your relationship. (Psych Central, 2017)

Talk freely about each other’s personal goals

Since it happens to be that time of the year when most of us are renewing goals and setting new ones, as a couple you should firstly have a good idea what your partner is aspiring to. To fully understand and appreciate your better half’s goals is the first chapter in providing much-needed support and encouragement. (Of The Hearth, 2017)

When you’re in a relationship your partner’s goals become your own. Any successes attained by either party sparks a united celebration. Also keep in mind that we are always revisiting goals and sometimes your partner may not be entirely sure where he or she is going this year. Try to be accommodating while your partner digs deeper to discover their truest ambitions.

It makes a huge difference when you fully understand the end result your partner is looking for so asking questions can prove more beneficial than laying on the free advice. Try to keep an open mind since some goals are meant to serve a higher purpose. Like advancing in one’s career may be the surface goal to something more fulfilling like buying a new home.

Be prepared to offer up a generous dose of humility

Relationships that last are the sum of many compromises each partner has to make along the way. The challenge with such compromises, however, lies in the fact that they usually catch us off guard. It is at these critical moments when each partner has to pause and reflect before succumbing to irrational decisions. Jumping to conclusions only leads to relationships breaking down.

Be honest with yourself about the kind of compromises you will be able to make for your partner. It’s safer to be truthful about these issues than setting up your partner with expectations you may not be able to meet. Be clear about your intentions and let your partner know that you are prepared to try something new because you both need it.

For instance, if you have a nasty habit that irritates your partner, let her understand that you genuinely believe it’s time to let go of the habit. Subtle positive changes in our behaviour can do miracles for the relationship. (bodyandsoulau, 2017)

Don’t ignore the termites

No relationship is perfect. But it’s time to accept that the only way you can repair a relationship is together. Speak freely about what’s bothering you and don’t sweep anything under the carpet. The smallest issues if left unchecked can eat away at mutual understanding and quickly escalate a problem that could have been easily resolved.

Hypnotherapy is invaluable for couples battling to understand themselves and each other. In many cases, the problem stems from deeper inside the psyche of each partner. By engaging the mind it is often revealed that the root of the problem exists under layers of consciousness.

By staying totally neutral a hypnotherapist can speak to each partner separately and conduct assessments which will direct effective means for bringing the two to a real understanding. A harmony can be reached where the couple is drawn ever closer than before and both partners come out empowered.

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