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Being overweight can have serious consequences on different areas in your life including physical, psychological, and social. It can exacerbate a number of health problems including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease.[1] It can also lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.[2] By losing just a couple of pounds each week, you can reduce your risk in developing these conditions. Published by Hypnosis in London on 14 November 2016, written by Malminder Gill.

Losing weight is one of the most common resolution people make each year. However, doing it before the holidays can be more beneficial to you as it enables you to look and feel good in this time of the year when holiday dinners and parties are all over the place. Here are some tips to help you lose weight naturally before the holidays:

Add protein to your diet

Protein is one of those macronutrients that can help you significantly lose weight. It has an impact on the body-fat percentage and helps boost metabolism.[3] Adding more protein in your diet can make you full longer and help fight hunger pangs.

To supercharge your metabolism, experts suggest having 25 to 45 percent of your calorie intake from protein. Some of the best sources include eggs, fish and seafood, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, chicken, pork, and beef.

Cut back on sugar

Dr. Robert Lustig, a researcher from the University of California, has spent years studying the effects of sugar in the body. Study after study led him to solid evidence that sugar is toxic.[4] Too much sugar in the diet can overload the liver and turn fructose (a form of sugar) into fat. It also increases insulin resistance, making you more prone to having metabolic syndrome.[5]

Sugar is commonly found in highly-processed food. By cutting back on these foods, you can significantly reduce your sugar intake.

Choose your carbs wisely

Not all carbs are created the same. Simple carbs are those that are easily absorbed by the body and cause a quick rise in blood sugar and insulin secretion from the pancreas. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are those with complex chemical structures that have less immediate impact on the blood sugar level.

Foods that cause a quick surge of blood sugar are linked to the development of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and being overweight.[6] The food glycemic index can serve as a guide. The higher is the food’s glycemic index, the more you should cut back on it as it causes substantial fluctuations in the blood sugar. These include white bread and other processed food.

Drink more water

Unlike other beverages, water doesn’t contain any sugar and calories. Some studies suggest that drinking plenty of water each day can lead to weight loss due to its effect on the metabolic rate.[7] However, some experts believed that the weight loss effect of drinking water is due to the fact that water can make you feel fuller which helps reduces your calorie intake.

Try online hypnosis program for weight loss

There are several psychological and emotional barriers to losing weight. These include the black and white thinking, emotional eating, and depression. These things can sabotage your efforts of losing those excess pounds. This is where hypnotherapy can help.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight

The following are some of the ways on how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight:

It teaches you to trust yourself.

We, hypnotherapists, believe that the answer lies within you. You have innate abilities to achieve whatever goal that you want; it’s a matter of finding balance. Hypnotherapy can help you find that.

It helps you visualize your success.

In a guided hypnosis, you will not be told on what to do; rather, you will be provided with suggestions to help you achieve your goal. It could be in making you more motivated in exercising or getting rid of unhealthy cravings.

It gets rid of counterproductive ways in losing weight.

Whether it’s behavior or thoughts, hypnotherapy can help you figure out why you’re keeping an unhealthy habit and come up with strategies to counteract it.

A private, one-on-one session with a hypnotherapist is ideal. However, if you can’t make it, an online hypnosis program is just as effective as with the private session.

In Hypnotherapy London, I have a weight loss audio program that can help you address issues like emotional eating, exercise motivation, cravings, and self-esteem. This is a good alternative if you can’t see me for a private session in Harley Street.

With this program, you have the option to get the 45-minute Skype coaching or the 30-minute maintenance Skype coaching.

If you’re tired of being overweight and looking for help to boost your weight loss efforts, try hypnotherapy. You can get my weight loss audio program here.

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Image: Igor Shatokhin
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