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Hypnotherapy London – Problems with food and eating can be highly complex issues that manifest themselves in many different ways, including in a person’s behavior. This sensitive post explains five common, often overlooked, behavioral signs that may indicate a person is suffering from issues with eating and food. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 16 March 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog

Problems with eating are certainly not just about weight and food. They are a highly complex issues that manifests itself in many different ways, including in a person’s behavior. If you notice someone you know showing these subtle behaviors, they may be developing an unhealthy attitude towards eating and food. These signs may be a good indication, but they should not be considered as definitive proof.

One major issue that people who are suffering with eating and food problems is loneliness and will most likely want to spend a lot of time alone. They may avoid social occasions involving food, such as dinner parties with friends, to avoid eating food in front of others. If someone used to be an outgoing person who loved going out all the time, deliberately isolating themselves may be a behavioral sign that something is wrong.

Strict Eating Rules
Do they have strict rules regarding food and meals? Some examples of rules might be that they must eat at exactly the same time each day, or they can only eat dessert in a red bowl. They may get extremely anxious angry or upset when they break a food rule. Stringent guidelines about the times and ways that food can be eaten indicate that someone may be experiencing irrational thoughts about food, which can be a behavioral sign of an underlying issue.

Secrecy and Dishonesty About Food
Keeping secrets and lying are common behavioral signs associated with those suffering from problems with eating and food. Some secretive behavior may be hoarding food, stealing food from the kitchen or eating food in private. The may also lie about what they eat as well as lie about what is going On. They are likely to get defensive, distressed or irritated when questioned about their behavior.

Food Substitutes
Replacing food with substitutes may not be a definitive behavioral sign of an eating issue, but it is a good indication. Food substitutes include diet drinks chewing gum, tobacco and, in some cases, drugs. Someone with an eating and food issue will deliberately engage in substituting behavior to try and avoid eating as well as thinking about food.

In many cases, an individual with a eating and food problems will compulsively exercise in an attempt to lose weight or prevent weight gain. This may involve hours of strenuous exercise everyday, or excessive exercise a few times a week. They will not want to forgo their exercise sessions for any reason, even if they have an injury or are ill. If, for some reason, they cannot complete all of their assigned exercise, they can become very distressed.

These behavioral signs should not be used as proof that someone has an underlying issue with food and eating. The behavioral symptoms of such issues will exhibit differently in different people. If you suspect that someone you know may have an underlying problem with eating, you should approach the subject with them sensitively without confrontation or anger. You must remember that you cannot force them to change their destructive behavior, but you can be there to support and love them.

Malminder is an accredited professional Clinical Hypnotherapist working in Harley Street, London. She regularly helps people who are dealing with eating problems, food addictions and weight loss.

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