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Hypnotherapy London – When Public Speaking, do not allow the fillers of speech determine your level of competency in front of your audience. There are many words that are used to fill in parts of a speech  when Public Speaking or giving a Presentation that is more harmful than helpful in conveying ideas and plans to your audience. Here is a ‘How To’ on not showing uncertainty when Public Speaking. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 02 March 2015

For public speaking and presentations there are words that all teachers and mentors tell you to stay away from whilst addressing your audience. Most public speaking experts say that the word to avoid is ‘um’ or ‘uh’. There is specifically one word that all public speaking experts agree on that displays the most unpreparedness and uncertainty, and that word is ‘so’. This is the one word that when used screams uncertainty, more so then when um or uh which could be mistaken for as relief.

Presenting is not a skill that is learned overnight. It takes time to perfect it. Many people who have public speaking anxiety and nervousness report often getting stuck in a cycle of using the same words or placing too many words and terms in the presentation.  Those with Public Speaking anxiety may also unintentionally muddle the original subject of the presentation too.  If this sounds familiar to you, then it might be time to seek help.  Malminder offers successful public speaking hypnotherapy at her Harley Street Hypnotherapy London practice.  She has helped people prepare for wedding speeches, work presentations, job interviews and performances.

The words to be aware of when public speaking

Be aware of the common filler words such as ‘um’, ‘uh’, and ‘right’, and other words that may be damaging you as a speaker. Words such as these are bound to lead the audience to believe that in fact you are not aware of the information you are sharing. Showing any uncertainty in the words that you speak can be viewed as detrimental to the cause in which you began. This is a big credibility killer that changes the impact of the original speech.

There are other words that can be grouped alongside these fillers such as ‘right,’ or ‘you know,’ that are used throughout a speech that can decline the intellect of the information being presented. The most commonly used filler word is the word ‘so’. Most often this is not viewed as filler, it is commonly used to move from one point to another. However the word ‘so’ is also equivalent to the word ‘um’. Using this particular word can become second nature to the point where it goes unrecognized to you. Re-read your speech and make every word count practice, rehearse and practice again.

To further prepare for your presentation or public speaking engagement, write all your points down in bulletin style so that you won’t get caught out searching for a new thought or sentence to share. Even when being asked a question, it is much better to pause and reflect.  It might seem an eternity to you but trust me, it delivers a natural speech and allows the audience to know that you are replying with integrity.  Keep your sentences short and stick to your main point. Keep your hands out of your pockets. Avoid looking uncertain by semi memorizing your speech and having back up note cards in the event you do forget a sentence. Start preparing and practicing your speech now, don’t wait until the last minute, this will only add to public speaking anxiety.

Great speakers understand that to draw in the attention of the audience there must be moments to reflect with pauses and a certain kind of charisma placed in just the right moment to captivate the audience. Allow the audience to keep up with the information that is being shared by pausing. Emphasize the important parts of the speech with hand gestures as well as facial expressions.

Concentrate on making the information that is being shared outstanding. When the audience focuses more on the style of your speech it correlates to how interesting or non-interesting the information being given is.  When information is captivating the audience rarely seeks out imperfections in a speeches or presentations style. Keep substance at the center of your speech and avoid using filler words. The next time you find yourself leaning towards using a filler word, pause for a moment and consider your next word.

It is usually anxiety and nervousness that gets in the way, the trembling voice, shaky hands, high pitched tone, lightening speed of delivery, going red etc – in other words, most people really do prepare and practice for the public speaking engagement or presentation, it is the nerves and anxiety that get in the way.  Some of the people I have helped at Hypnotherapy London Harley Street Practice are true masters of their trade, they really know the ins and outs, but for some reason or another get anxious and nervous at the very thought of speaking in front of other people.  If this is you and you feel you want to get rid of anxiety and nervousness when speaking in front of others, get in touch with me at my Hypnotherapy London practice and take the first step to getting over public speaking anxiety.

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