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Hypnosis In London VR Hypnosis With Malminder

Experience The Future Of Wellness – Discover VR Hypnosis With Malminder!

As technology advances, social cultures shift and mindsets change, the future of wellness and self-care is rapidly evolving. In the past decade, there has been a significant focus on wellness, mindfulness and all things self-care. Moreover, this extends from therapeutic activities to yoga and meditation. Now, as we enter a new decade, wellness and self-care continues to progress, so what can you expect in the next decade of wellness? Here we look at three big future wellness trends of corporate wellbeing, VR hypnosis and deep nature.

What Does The Next Decade Of Wellness Look Like?

1.      The End Of Burnout

In 2019, the number of mental health absences from work cost the UK economy £1.4 billion. Furthermore, many employees would prefer to phone in sick than explain that burnout was the reason for their absence. So much so that 40% of employees claim to be uncomfortable with calling in sick for a mental health reason. However, this is despite three-quarters of employers ranking mental health as the third most acceptable reason for calling in sick.

25% of employees say that they feel emotionally drained and exhausted after an average day’s work. Consequently, more and more businesses are now prioritising corporate wellness. In fact, 59% of companies believe workplace wellness can reduce business costs. Furthermore, as companies begin to see the benefits of corporate wellbeing, we may see that burnout is entirely eliminated from the workplace.

Wellness in the workplace may consist of in-house massage, unlimited time off and regular meditation and stress-management workshops. Already in 2020, I have conducted numerous corporate wellness events for businesses of all sizes, including high profile clients such as Conde Nast. These workshops are a great way for employees to learn the tools they need to manage stress and look after their wellbeing.

There has been some great feedback from the events too, such as;

“Loved it and instantly feel more relaxed afterwards – it’s an amazing way to switch off and ‘reset’ your mind.”

 “It was great. Her voice is so relaxing and it’s just what we needed.”

Hypnosis in London Corporate Well-beingClick here to find out more about my Corporate Wellbeing services and to book your session today.

2.     Virtual Wellness With VR Hypnosis!

As technology advances, there are more and more opportunities for wellness to go digital. Artificial Intelligence will soon mean people can utilise personalised wellness consultants through their devices. Furthermore, with vast data from sources such as genetics, psychometrics, biosensors and social-connection data, it will become easier to tailor your wellness requirements in a virtual reality format.

Already, the future of wellness has arrived with virtual reality hypnotherapy. I’m so excited to announce that I have teamed up with The Dream Corporation to create a cutting-edge, first of its kind VR hypnosis. Based in Hackney, we’re offering immersive, luxury hypnotherapy using state-of-the-art virtual reality pods.

Hypnosis in London - VR Hypnosis Virtual Reality Choosing one of my three exclusive therapy options, all designed to remedy the stresses of busy London life, guests sit back and relax with complimentary refreshments as they are transported to their own immersive environment. With options such as Focus, Energy and Calm, there is an experience to suit everyone.

The luxurious pods feature muscle therapy lamps, spatial audio, as well as breeze and vibration effects. All of which help to transport guests to another dimension to truly unwind and refresh. It really is a future trend that you can be a part of right now. If you’re new to hypnotherapy or looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy to suit your schedule, these 25-minute VR hypnosis sessions are the ideal choice.

To enjoy this unforgettable experience with total blissed-out relaxation for yourself and be one of the first to benefit from this new era of self-care, book your virtual reality hypnotherapy session here.

For a very limited time, we’re offering virtual reality hypnosis for just half the price, so book now to make the most of this exclusive offer – it won’t be around for long!

3.     Deep Nature

As time goes on, nature is becoming an increasingly rare and valuable resource. Moreover, with almost every aspect of the land seemingly discovered and Instagrammed, the search for true wilderness will become more important and, harder to find.

Going beyond a digital detox, deep nature will involve individuals losing themselves in the wild to be away from technological and industrial influences. With this in mind, there will be more focus on keeping natural environments in a pristine, untouched state despite more and more people seeking out deep nature for their mental health.

Some of the ways that people may get their nature and wellness fix could include natural soundscapes being played across urban environments to detract from the industrial and transportation hum. There may be more wellness retreats that focus on being alone in nature. Alternatively,  completely silent offerings. Natural wellness will continue to expand as people explore the benefits of natural resources. This could include soil bathing, re-wilding and circadian resetting where you sleep at sunset and wake with the dawn chorus of the birds.

As we already know, nature is such an effective way to improve our wellbeing and mental health. Consequently, the future of deep nature could even be medical nature prescriptions. Potentially, it will be doctor’s orders to reconnect with the wild for the sake of our health.

Want To Discover The Future Of Wellness?

I am really excited to help even more businesses and individuals take control of their self-care and wellbeing. This is why I offer bespoke corporate wellness sessions. These workshops focus on stress management, meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. You can find out more about my corporate wellness service here.

Furthermore, for a limited introductory time, you can take advantage of my cutting-edge VR hypnosis sessions at half price. Take time out for you and let yourself enjoy total relaxation. Start with a complimentary refreshment of tea, elixirs or CBD syrups for physical and mental wellbeing benefits. Then, get comfortable in your private immersion room and enjoy the benefits of my hypnosis with immersive relaxation techniques and stunning virtual landscapes.

To find out more about this ground-breaking VR hypnosis concept and to book your first session, click here.

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