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Hypnosis In London - Are You Scared Of Losing Weight?
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Many of us are habitual yo-yo dieters. However, research has shown time and time again that the majority of people who lose weight, will gain it back. There are many different reasons for this, but the one people ignore, or don’t realise, is fear. Yes, many people are scared of losing weight.

So often being scared of losing weight is a subconscious issue that many people don’t address. As much as you may think you want to lose weight and tell everyone that you do, you may be scared to be slim.

Losing weight is a mental challenge. As I mention in my article for the Daily Mail, dieting doesn’t help. The science-backed way to lose weight is to master your mental energy and adopt strategies such as mindful eating and working out how to combat your cravings.

However, before you change your approach to food and healthy eating, it is vital to address any fears you have and why you are afraid of losing weight.

Why are you scared of losing weight?

There are many reasons why people are scared of losing weight. The following fears are ones that I hear time and time again from my clients. Do you identify with any of these?

1.     I don’t like the attention

Often, people feel and are perceived as more attractive after weight loss. You may not think it is acceptable to feel attractive. Perhaps, getting more attention makes you feel uncomfortable. You may not be used to feeling attractive.

Increased attractiveness, attention and perhaps confidence after weight loss can lead to jealousy from your partner, family and friends. When people identify you as a larger person, the way they now interact with you can be different and unpleasant. It can make you want to revert to your former self.

2.     I don’t know who I am

When you are used to being a certain size, it can be tough to identify with being someone who is slimmer. It can feel different, new and unnerving. Losing weight changes mindsets and what you used to find comfort in (such as unhealthy food) is no longer there. When you don’t know who you are anymore, or fail to find another healthier comfort, it is easier to go back to who you were, rather than find out who you are now.

3.     I have lost my protection

Weight can be a physical and emotional layer of comfort which adds to extra protection. It is common for people who diet to feel safer as a larger size. When you lose weight, you may feel exposed and like you have lost their layer of protection.

Furthermore, you use it as protection that stops you pursuing your goals and dreams. Losing weight is often something you can obsess over. You may find yourself saying; “Once I reach my ideal weight, then I will…” After you lose weight, you lose the protection and obsession that stops you from reaching the next goal. If you feel afraid of achieving your next goal, losing weight becomes a goal you don’t want to achieve.

4.     Dieting is familiar ground

For yo-yo dieters, it is safe and familiar ground. It is a place where you have been before and know you can stay there and keep doing what you’re doing. Familiar ground is much more comfortable than the new challenge of keeping the weight off for good.

5.     I seek refuge in food

You call it comfort food for a reason. Food is a huge comfort and is often what we turn to when we need love. If you seek refuge in food, it could mean that you are afraid to face what is really going on and what is making you scared of losing weight.

Whatever is holding you back from losing weight and causing you to eat emotionally, I can help. My Ultimate Online Weight Loss Hypnosis can help to address emotional eating, cravings, portion control and can even help you to love exercise again. See my exclusive online weight loss program here. And yes, it really works. In fact, nine out of ten clients who come to me for weight loss, lose weight permanently.

6.     My social life will suffer

If you are dieting, you may claim that weight loss is causing problems with your social life. The temptation of being unhealthy may be too much for you, so you decline invitations to parties, meals out and drinks.  Furthermore, you may think you can’t spend time with friends as you need to exercise or maintain your healthy routine. A fear of missing out is common for dieters, however, you can lose weight and maintain a social life, if you want to.

7.     I’ll look like I have it all when I don’t

You may think that losing weight, looking healthier, more attractive and confident will superficially make you look like you have it all. Consequently, this can make you feel even more vulnerable, and that others will seek out flaws in you. Again, weight is a protective layer. Once you take away that layer, you may worry the people will go looking for other weaknesses.

What is stopping you from losing weight?

Do you identify with any of the fears above? If you are scared of losing weight, you are not alone. However, by finding out what is causing you to be scared of losing weight, can help you to combat the demons and help you pursue your weight loss goal.

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