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Hypnosis In London - Christmas Alone

Why A Christmas Alone Could Be Your Best One Yet

Around one-fifth of adults spend Christmas alone. To many people, this is a sad statistic that shows levels of loneliness, especially when the average home will have five guests for Christmas. However, whether you have no choice or want to spend Christmas alone, it can be incredibly empowering and may turn out to be your best Christmas yet.

Whether the stress of the family is too much to bear, your yuletide social calendar is exhausting, or you just prefer your own company, a Christmas alone is not shameful, nor lonely, nor sad. Everyone deserves a treat for Christmas and the gift of time to do exactly as you wish can be amazing. So, what do you need to do to ensure your Christmas alone is the best one yet?

  1. Start With A Plan

Throughout December, it will seem like the whole world, from your colleagues to the shop assistants will ask you what you are doing for Christmas. If you say nothing, or that you’re not sure, then prepare to be bulldozed into situations you don’t want to be in. People will insist you come to their house or get-together to prevent you from being alone. However, this is probably the exact situation you want to avoid.

Get planning and make sure to book anything that you want to attend over Christmas and New Year as soon as possible. Having a plan will mean you avoid the awkward invites.

  1. Go Bold

Same Christmas traditions, same dinner, same TV specials. Year after year, it gets boring. So make a new tradition this year to ensure every Christmas is unique. Start this year by going bold and doing something truly wacky and out-there. Personally, I’ll be jetting off for a five-day Lucid Dreaming programme in America.

Unleash your imagination by thinking of something you love doing or have always wanted to try. Then search for a programme you can join or a place where you can uncover your potential. How about learning to surf in Sri Lanka or a Pole Dancing retreat in Thailand?

  1. Give Back

If you don’t have the budget to jet off abroad, then why not do something amazing closer to home? Many charities are looking for volunteers over Christmas, and it can be a fantastic way to give back to those who need it. If you don’t want to be alone, but have no one to spend the holidays with, then volunteering creates a community spirit and makes you part of a bigger family and an important cause.

In recent years, I have volunteered for Crisis in London over Christmas. Furthermore, I recommend charitable work and volunteering for my clients with depression. I guarantee you’ll feel amazing through this incredibly rewarding act.


4. Create Your Perfect Day

Again, this will require a plan otherwise you may feel your day has no purpose, but Christmas day can be the perfect time for you to spoil yourself. Lie in, do some yoga, cook your favourite meal and watch your favourite film. You can go for a lovely walk, read your book or dance around your home to your favourite tunes. With everyone focused on their own stressful day, you have complete freedom to do exactly what you wish, with absolutely no guilt.

So, get ahead of everyone else, and start on the Christmas sales early!

Take Back Control

Make Christmas the time for change, where you start to say no to the things that don’t make you happy and yes to the things that do. If you struggle with saying no or need more confidence to take back control in your life, then book in a free 15-minute consultation with me by calling 0207 971 7677. I can help you get rid of the barriers to ensure a confident, happy and in-control you for 2019.

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