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Hypnotherapy London – Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction

In this week’s post I discuss how to stop sugar addiction and the practical steps you can take to help you on the way to success. So whether you are having Hypnotherapy at my Harley Street practice or having Online Hypnosis via Skype – these tips will help make sure you stay on track! Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 22 March 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

We should all be aware that eating too much of anything will make one sick or have ill health. But, did you know the average person in Western societies is eating up to 7 cups of sugar per week? That’s one cup of sugar per day! Most people do not realize that they are addicted to sugar in forms which come from processed foods. For instance, cereal content, boxed food contents, daily desserts, coffee, sugary drinks and much more. Some people feel a strong desire to continue eating sugary foods even when they try to stop sugar altogether. Sugar addiction can bring about a desire that is so strong that it keeps people longing for more. Meanwhile, food related diseases are increasing and diabetes and obesity is at an all time high. Many people have suffered through this trying to stop, but there’s a compelling reason why they can’t. Sugary foods can be addictive!  I have heard many stories at my Hypnotherapy London Practice about how people have tried and tried to stop eating addictive sugary foods but simply can’t stop eating sugar.  I encourage all new and existing Hypnotherapy clients whether they see me face to face at my Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice or see me online via Skype Hypnosis to read through the steps below which are designed to help facilitate change.

1. Realize Sugar Addiction is a problem

Does your intake of food and almost everything you choose have sugar or corn syrup in it? For example, do you have coffee with sugar and creamer? Do you have a sugary breakfast cereal and then load on more sugar? Do you have a specific craving for sugar when your not eating it? Do you feel high energy followed by low energy when consuming sugary foods?  If so, then you could possibly have a sugar addiction. Try to be aware of what you’re consuming. Try observing how much sugary substances are in the foods you eat.

2. Stop eating sugary foods slowly

Stop eating sugary foods slowly not abruptly and at once. Why shouldn’t you stop eating sugar at once? If you just plunge yourself in and put a complete halt to your sugary intake, your body might feel terribly ill from doing so. Your body has most likely become very used to getting sugary food on a continual basis and you may just train wreck your efforts if you stop eating sugar altogether and at once.  Perhaps you could start out by just having sugar in your tea or coffee.

3. When removing Sugar from your diet add an alternative

If your habit is to have a sugary breakfast cereal in the morning, try removing it and replacing it with fresh fruit. You will feel more comfortable eating fresh fruit and will benefit from the nutrients in the fruit.  Start adding more fresh fruit and other forms of food like vegetables which are high in fiber and micro-nutrient rich. You can add some fresh fruit at every meal and that may help reduce the cravings so you won’t feel completely deprived or lacking energy.

4. Add new foods to your diet

Don’t make eating food boring. Add lemon to your water. It’s very beneficial and has healing qualities too. You can also add raw unprocessed honey or even Grade B maple syrup to your tea, over your pancakes etc. These are natural sugars and have amazing health benefits and they help stop the sugar cravings because they are so sweet. Also, a lot of people at my Hypnotherapy London Practice have reported that by adding vinegary foods such as saurkraut and apple cider vinegar, they have reduced their cravings for sugar and their taste buds change to liking more tart foods instead of sugary foods.

5. Don’t give up!

No matter how many times you fail in your efforts, keep trying. It is well worth it and your body will thank you!
A body that is overloaded with sugar can have major health consequences and all the great bacteria in your body is wiped out and depleted by doing this. This results in insufficient amounts of beneficial bacteria which helps your body to fight sickness and disease. This is something to keep in mind during those weak moments as a focal point.

6. Hang out with others who are also trying to stop the sugar addiction

There are online communities with people doing the same thing as you are. Whether it be a diet community or a close friend you can confide in, try surrounding yourself with uplifting positive, encouraging people to help you complete your goals.  And remember, whatever you are doing to improve yourself physically and mentally puts you far ahead of anyone who isn’t even trying to improve.

Malminder is an accredited professional Clinical Hypnotherapist working in Harley Street, London helping people to overcome addictions, cravings and lose weight. Malminder offers online hypnosis via Skype for anyone outside of London who wishes to have Hypnotherapy for weight loss, Hypnotherapy for addictions and more.

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