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Hypnosis In London Make Your Inner Voice Louder

Seven Ways To Make Your Inner Voice Louder

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Do you wish you could trust that feeling within yourself a little more when making a choice? We all have an inner voice that guides our decisions and helps us feel comfortable that we’re making the right choice based on how we feel and what we know is right for us, rather than relying on external validation.

Unfortunately, our inner voice can be drowned out so much that it can barely be louder than a whisper. If you want to feel more confident in trusting that inner voice, try implementing the following top tips to make your inner voice louder.

What Is Your Inner Voice?

Your inner voice is your own internal insight, based on what your head and heart feel. Often, inner voice and intuition are used interchangeably; however, there are subtle differences. Your intuition is what is your gut instinct. It will be what feels right to your body. On the other hand, your inner voice will be more practical and will take a variety of factors (including your intuition) into account.

What makes your inner voice so powerful is that it is something that you can access at any time. Furthermore, while your intuition will manifest in a feeling, it is your inner voice that works to decipher this feeling. The inner voice then distils all of the information it has available and communicates it clearly so you can make the right decision for you.

With this in mind, working to make your inner voice stronger and louder can help to guide you to make the best decisions for yourself. By believing in your own capabilities and trusting your instinct, you can continue to show up as your best possible self.  

Seven Ways To Make Your Inner Voice Louder

1.     Journal In The Mornings

Before you do anything, it can really help to get all of your thoughts out on paper. So often, we start the day by going straight into the first activity. However, by spending a few minutes just writing anything that comes to mind, you’ll soon see thoughts, ideas or concerns coming up and then you can start to listen to what direction your inner voice wants you to go in.

It is important to remember that you may need to ‘word-splurge’ to begin with, as the bigger ideas may not come through instantly.

2.     Create Quiet Moments

Hectic days mean that your brain never has time to slow down and reflect. By creating some quiet moments and some space, you give your mind a chance to stop racing. When this happens, you can start tapping into your inner voice. Quieten the noise, so your inner voice can shine.

3.     Be Brave With Boundaries

Many people feel uncomfortable setting boundaries. However, when people encroach on your time and thoughts, it leaves no space for your own inner voice to come through. By saying no more often, you’re respecting your own authority and trusting what is right for you.

4.     Look For Balance

Your inner voice and intuition cannot come through if you neglect your mental and physical health. When you’re out of your natural alignment and not feeling your best, it means your emotional reactions will be speaking louder than your inner voice, making it harder to make the best decisions with clarity. By looking after your physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing, you can feel more confident that your inner voice is coming from a place of balance and stability.

5.     Pay Attention To The Little Things

Sometimes, we ignore the subtle signs our minds and bodies provide. For example, we may ignore the tummy’s excited butterflies when we think about a new idea. We may brush off a dream even if it is specific or relatable to the situation. It could be that you push through resistance, even when something is trying to hold you back.

By tapping into the brief moments, whether it’s goosebumps, procrastination or a lightbulb moment, these may provide the strongest insight to how you’re really feeling.

6.     Listen Deeper

Deep or active listening is an important skill in tuning into other people. It is when you listen truly, without distractions, interruptions or your own internal monologue. While many people adopt active listening with others, many people neglect deep listening to themselves. By practising active listening, you can begin to listen more carefully to your own thoughts. With this, you may be able to note your own hesitations, discomfort or passion and find your inner voice shining through.

7.     Feel The Flow

Reaching flow state creates an incredible power where you are so absorbed and passionate about what you’re doing, you cannot be distracted, and you may lose track of time. With this flow state, you feel relaxed, in the moment, and free. It is the perfect time of mental calmness which can allow your inner voice to speak loudly.

Do You Want Your Inner Voice To Shine?

If you’re struggling to tap into your intuition or inner voice and feel the best version of yourself, then hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy provides the focus and reflection to tap into what your body is telling you while reprogramming your thought patterns so you can begin to trust yourself to make the right decisions for your needs. To find out more, book your free consultation call with me by emailing

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