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Hypnotherapy London - Malminder Gill MNCIP
Hypnotherapist in London for individuals & corporates
96 Harley Street, Online & Home Visits (UK & Internationally)

Hypnotherapy London

Where in your life are you trying really hard to make it work and yet it’s just not happening?

Maybe you’re doing all the ‘right things’ yet nothing seems to be moving.  Perhaps you’re at a crossroads wondering whether to go down the same old familiar path favoring comfort rather than venturing out and following your heart’s desires. Or maybe you have tried to be positive and hopeful, yet keep coming across one brick wall after another.  Maybe you have given up hope altogether and resigned to a life less than what you would have wanted for yourself.

In your career, business or love life, do you feel like you’re:

  • Not making any progress
  • Constantly fire-fighting
  • Fearing the worst
  • On the verge of giving up
  • Stuck in a funk
  • Out of ideas
  • Lost in low energy
  • Trapped in limiting beliefs

For over 12 years I have been studying, practicing and applying techniques for manifestation and the main thing I have learned is that it’s our own energy that blocks the actualisation of our desires. Really, that is all it’s coming down to.  Whilst I have shared some techniques here and there with some of you over the years, it’s only in the last several months where I have taken a handful of private clients through a journey of manifestation. Having created bespoke manifestations routines that were applied on a regular basis these private clients have come into alignment with their desires, and one client, in particular, met the woman of his dreams – something he had completely given up on!  Another client used the taught principles with her team and boosted overall sales performance at her design company.

In this one-off workshop, I shall be demonstrating the best of the best manifestation techniques I have learned over 12 years of practice. You will find yourself in possession of mental toolkit designed to help actualise your desires.

Manifestation Workshop – only 10 spaces!

You will receive a 15-minute call before the workshop to discuss your manifestation goals, and a 15-minute follow up call after the event.

When: Wednesday 9 May at 6pm

Where: SW10 Earl’s Court London

Fee: £375 per person

Next Steps: Please contact Miranda on to book your space.

Intensive 2 Hour One-on-One Sessions

Can’t wait until May? Want to have your session privately? You will receive a 30-minute call before we meet to discuss your manifestation goals, and a 30-minute follow up call afterward.

Fee: £1,000

Next Steps: Please contact Miranda on to arrange your session.

For Companies, Teams or Management

Want to take this to the next level and get your business and staff involved? If you feel that staff morale is low, inspiration has dried up, or your team(s) aren’t performing then let’s take a look at how to create that ‘dream team’ vibe again, it is possible!  Very rarely do people turn up to work with the deliberate intent of having a bad day or under-performing, and so by being able to harness receptive energy we can encourage everyone to flow in the same direction towards growth and success. I offer a no-nonsense approach when working with teams and yes we can call it ‘business coaching’.

Next Steps: Please contact Miranda on to receive a bespoke quote and arrange an appointment.

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