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Hypnotherapy London – Malminder was asked by the Daily Express to share with readers her top tips on how to stop worrying. Read the full article below. Published by Daily Express online on 8 May 2014. 

  • DON’T ignore your worries

Being tough and pretending not to be worried doesn’t make your fears go away. Without facing your worries they will usually linger on and weigh on your mind.

Acknowledge your worry, even if it’s just to yourself before you decide to confide in friends and family.

  • DON’T wallow in worry for long periods of time

It is OK to think about your worry and to acknowledge it but spending hours in a worried state of mind can spiral out of control quickly. Try and do something that helps lift the burden of your worries. Write a few sentences or paragraphs about what is worrying you, talk to a friend or family member or talk to your doctor, a local therapist or a coach.

  • DO commit to your weekly schedule and meet your friends

A change of scenery will work wonders with how you feel and may go a long way in shifting your worries. In periods of worry it is easy to cancel last minute on meeting your friends for coffee or to not turn up to your regular weekly activities just because you don’t feel like it. However, shutting off the world and remaining in isolation will just make it worse.

  • DON’T fuel your worries

A worried state of mind usually includes a close examination of all the things that could or have gone wrong. Focusing in this way doesn’t change anything, it just robs you of the time you have right now.

Make a list of the positive things that could happen and think about each item on the list in detail, visualise and imagine how your life would be if these positive things took place.

  • DO wait before making decisions

If you are in a heightened state of worry, your first call of duty should be to address your worries and concerns and regaining a balanced state of mind rather than making decisions and taking action. Try talking it through with a friend and waiting 24 hours before making a rash decision.

  • DON’T worry about past events

Worrying about things that happened yesterday or last week will not change anything, it will just consume your day today. Think about challenging this worry. What impact does the event from yesterday or last week really have on your life? Will what happened really affect you in 20 years time?

  • DO think about what your purpose is in life and what brings you joy

Expand your horizons and take up hobbies and interests – start to focus on things that make you happy.

  • DON’T dampen the future

If you are in the habit of expecting the worst, then you probably are getting the worst and then justifying that you were right all along. Did this way of thinking start after you failed at trying to be positive?

If so, then you have created a negative safety net in which you think “it is better to think about the worst of it so that I don’t raise my hopes only to be disappointed later down the line”. Take a more balanced approach and give equal time to think about the best possible outcome.

  • DO think about the bigger picture and your purpose in life

What can you do this week, just for yourself that will make you happy?

If you spend all of your time around the kids, your partner or work you are limiting your life experience. There are times in our lives when we do need to focus on one area, but if this accounts for years of your life then you may have gotten stuck in a rut, leading to more worry.

  • DON’T let worry take over your life

If you find yourself defaulting to worry on a regular basis then you should seek help. Speak to your doctor, therapist or coach. Hypnotherapy London – Malminder offers coaching and hypnosis in London for anxiety, worry and stress.


Published by Daily Express online on 8 May 2014

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