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Hypnosis In London - Let Go Of Guilt
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Guilt is an immensely powerful emotion but it is important to let go of guilt for our health. Studies have shown that guilt can increase cytokine activity in our blood which could increase the disease process and inflammation. In one study, feelings of guilt caused cytokine in the blood to spike. The cytokines are indicators that a disease is in progress in the body. Therefore, feeling guilty can hamper our immune system and cause a physiological impact.

Furthermore, guilt can also make us feel physically weighed down by the emotional weight. So much so that participants in a study perceived themselves to be physically heavier when they felt guilty. Both of these studies are part of an emerging field of research called embodied cognition. Embodied cognition covers how our thoughts and feelings play a part in our bodies and guide our behaviour.

This shows that guilt is not only bad for our mental health but our physiological health too. It is essential to let go of guilt for our health and wellbeing. Healing with crystals can be incredibly powerful at facilitating the process of letting go of guilt. Crystals are known to absorb negative energy. Combining crystal energy and visualisations can help you to move on and remove the barriers that stand in your way.

Are you guilty?

Guilt can be hard to identify with as it can manifest in many different ways. You may feel guilty for something you did or didn’t do. Perhaps you feel guilty for something you wished you had done or even thought you had done. You may feel guilty that you are doing better than someone else or perhaps guilty that you could have helped someone more.

Feeling guilty can manifest in your behaviour. You may notice that you overcompensate or you may feel more sensitive and tend to overreact. Some people manage guilt by taking ownership of small, unimportant matters to subconsciously unload the burden.

How guilt affects our energy systems

Guilt can manifest in the sacral chakra, also known as the second chakra. When we feel guilt, it disrupts the energy of the sacral chakra; this can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. This is because the sacral chakra is responsible for our feelings, desires, emotions and our ‘dark side’.

If the energy balance of the sacral chakra is disrupted due to guilt, it may make us feel unwell. Common physical ailments of this type of unbalance can include lower back pain, fertility issues, low libido, bladder, uterine and kidney problems. Common emotional issues related to an unbalanced sacral chakra include suppressed emotions (such as guilt or shame), lack of creativity, feeling unaccepted and/or unimportant, inability to take care of yourself, emotional confusion and low sexual appetite.

Healing through visualisations and crystals can help you to let go of some of these feelings; in particular guilt. When the sacral chakra is balanced, you can enjoy benefits of feeling;

  • Emotionally stable
  • Self-confident
  • Sexual energy for completeness
  • Inspired and creative
  • Integrated with strong partnerships.

How to use crystals to heal guilt and improve the sacral chakra

For this, you will need crystals such as carnelian, imperial topaz or tangerine quartz. However, you can use most orange crystals.

  1. Start by writing down what you feel guilty about. Be honest and detailed in your notes
  2. Take time to understand the intention of letting go of guilt through this process
  3. In a safe environment, carefully burn the paper that has the details of your guilt
  4. Then, sit in a meditation pose, holding the carnelian or topaz crystals
  5. Taking deep, controlled breaths, start to ask the powers you believe in, or your own self-trust, for assistance (some may choose guides, angels or loved ones who have passed away)
  6. Visualise that you are sitting on top of a golden net
  7. Holding the crystals in your palm, imagine that they are clearing your entire energy system. Then specifically focus on your sacral chakra.
  8. Visualise the net rising up, through you, lifting all of your guilt out of the body and carrying it away above your body and beyond your crown until you see the net above you
  9. Visualise the net being tied up and floating away
  10. Feel the crystals in your palm still, working hard to give your body a final cleanse
  11. As the golden net continues to float away with your guilt, it will disappear from your imagination and awareness.

Use my free guided audio to help let go of guilt

If you need further help with crystal healing, then email me at to receive your free guided audio to help you let go of guilt. Together we can work to free you from guilt and balance your sacral chakra.
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