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Hypnosis In London - Is Taking Time Out A Waste Of Time?
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Spinning plates and juggling our many different professional, personal, social and relationship challenges can leave us feeling exhausted. You may feel demotivated, tired and overwhelmed. It could even make you question your life choices. However, are these the signs that you need to be taking time out?

Signs that show you need time out

  • You’re agitated, snappy, impulsive and not talking as kindly as usual to others
  • You feel sensitive and defensive and unable to be constructive
  • You do not have the urge to fight or stand up for your beliefs.

For many of us, we keep striving on, despite feeling all of these negative emotions. Sometimes it results in a complete burnout. Sadly though, if we reach a burnout, taking time out can feel like a waste of time as we are too tired to make the changes in life that we desperately need.

Is taking time out a form of procrastination?

So often, taking time out is seen as a way of wasting time. You may feel completely overwhelmed by everything you have to deal with. This burden can cause you to feel indecisive, perhaps not knowing the best course of action. When you have too much to do, you may try and multitask, which, ultimately, makes it impossible to focus on the task at hand.

I firmly believe that multi-tasking is the enemy of success. You cannot perform as well as possible if you are overwhelmed and trying to multitask. When people drop their multitasking and focus on one aspect, they often outperform themselves, even the high performers. With this in mind, your potential is endless when you focus and rid yourself of multitasking.

So, when you jet off on your next holiday, you will not make the most of relaxing if you’re checking your emails and you won’t be working well if you’re relaxing. So why bother?  Stick to one thing. In fact, I challenge you to a summer holiday without work if you really want to feel happier and make the most of your well-earned break.

Free summer relaxation audio

To help you make the most of this summer and ensure you have productive time out, I have created a free summer relaxation audio for you to enjoy and to help you to unwind. Just email me at to receive your free copy.

Is taking time out giving up control?

Many of us refuse to take time out as it can come across that we are not in control. We want to be the person who controls every aspect of our lives. We want admiration for our ability to spin all of the plates. Taking time out can appear that we no longer have control and many perceive that as a bad thing.

However, if you are the one actively taking time out and relinquishing control, you are still in control of your decisions. Albeit, you may not feel in control in the way you are used to.

Is taking time out productive?

Acknowledging that you need time out can be incredibly empowering. You rid yourself of the burdens that you carry and finally feel in control enough to set yourself free. I see many clients who feel completely out of control of their own destiny. However, by understanding how to take time out and free up headspace, you can start to think clearly. This break can assess the areas that need fixing and enable you to be more productive, in every aspect of life.

Benefits of taking time out

  1. Gain new perspectives
  2. Be able to formulate a plan that works for you
  3. Feel energised and motivated
  4. Inspire yourself and allow creativity to flourish
  5. Put steps in place to prioritise self-care.

How to take an effective time out

Taking time out is a waste of time if you don’t feel the benefits mentioned above. Otherwise, a time out is just a simple ‘pause’ button on life. Instead of making the changes you need, you end up reverting back to how everything was before. Make sure your time out is effective by;

  1. Asking questions

This step works best when you are away from distractions, so turn your phone off and head outside for a walk or sit in the garden. Ask yourself questions such as; what is getting in the way of your true happiness? Can you do anything to fix it? What is taking up too much of your time? How can you do more of the things you enjoy? My free life evaluation tool can help with this.

  1. Write down your answers

Once you have determined the answers to the questions above, formulate them into solutions. It is best not to write them down straight away. Sometimes the first answer you give may not be the real root of the issue. Keep your answers constructive. No self-negativity is allowed.

  1. Be kind

When you feel overwhelmed, your loved ones may be treading on eggshells around you. Start by being kind to yourself. It may help you when you are thinking of solutions to show gratitude. For example; “I love spending time with my kids, and I would like to free up more time to spend with them, please”. This can help to banish the negativity. Next, you need to make sure you are kind to others. This does not mean doing whatever they want; you can still say no, but politely.

  1. Get organised

Sometimes, the simplest of tasks can help you feel more in control. From decluttering your handbag to deep-cleaning your office can help you get rid of the distractions in your life. Your mind will feel much sharper without physical clutter consuming your attention. Get to work on doing all the tasks that you always put off, and you’ll instantly feel more positive and distraction-free.

  1. Get help

You should not expect to do everything alone and asking for help does not mean you lose control. Learn how to delegate chores at home or look to collaborate with a co-worker for the big project you are handling. Seeking help for yourself, whether it’s meditating or learning a new skill that will benefit you can make sure your time out is effective and well spent.

How I can help you to take time out

Malminder taught me a range of practical techniques to optimise my performance both at work and in life generally. She understands the importance of freeing up headspace to focus on your own life goals whether that be career, health or general well-being. I would highly recommend Malminder if you are seeking to kickstart and maintain a series of changes in your life & career.” A valued customer review from Feefo.

Using a blended approach of therapy, I can provide you with the techniques you need for a productive time out. With pragmatic approaches as well as ensuring emotional well-being, I can help you to take the decisive steps in your life when you feel they are lacking. In less than five weeks, using a bespoke reinvention therapy plan, we can reach your goals and help you to feel in control again.

Book your free 15-minute consultation

Get your life on the path that you want and start achieving your goals. Call me on 0207 971 7677 to book your free 15-minute consultation. Don’t forget to email me at for your free summer relaxation audio too.

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