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Hypnosis In London Social Media Gold Digger

How To Avoid The Social Media Gold Diggers

Found a gorgeous girl on Instagram that seems really interested in you? So, how do you know if she’s really into you, or your wallet?

Social media influencers are making big money online. In most cases, it is through sponsorship and advertising. However, some influencers are using their social media accounts to attract wealthy individuals through the prospect of dates, sex and relationships.

With social media, it is easy to dream of the lifestyle influencers portray, whether it is the beautiful locations, luxury goods or glamorous and racy pictures. Then, when they get in touch with you, it gives you the hope that you can be a part of their amazing life. This is a new generation of gold diggers; this is the rise of the smart gold digger.

What is a smart gold digger?

Smart gold diggers utilise social media in order to get what they want. By investing in their profile and photographs, they can get wealthy individuals to invest in them and fund their glamorous lifestyle. For this new generation of gold diggers, their social media profiles are covered in selling a high-end lifestyle and oozing sexuality through suggestive, sexy photographs.

Through communication, regardless of who initiates it, the influencer will do what they can to receive money, gifts and luxury from their fans. Some will cut things off before it becomes physical. However, many know that the more they can offer, the more their followers will spend.

So, why do followers splash the cash?

Social media makes it very difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The pictures the influencers post make you feel like you belong and can redefine who you are and who you want to be.

What’s more, these influencers seemingly connect with just you, making you feel special by sending you exclusive photographs. Often this is for a small sum of money to begin with, and for the buyers, this can seem like a quick and easy way to get closer to their model looks and be part of their amazing lifestyle.

Why do people give money to influencers?

For many people, it can seem crazy to send money to strangers. However, influencers are incredibly talented and highly manipulative. The influencers will talk about gifts and affection; they’ll paint a picture of what the gift-giver will receive. Then the mind fills in the gaps and feeds off this fantasy.

Infatuation can quickly manifest, when that person is all you think about, you keep looking at their pictures, and you want more. Those who are infatuated then want to give more and spend more to get closer to the influencer. They may think the more that they offer, the closer they’ll get to a real relationship with them.

This is where social media addiction and infatuation becomes entangled. Both of which feed off each other so that it is harder to escape the trap of the gold digger because you cannot stop checking social media.

Social media addiction and infatuation

Both infatuation and social media are an addiction. Social media, whether it’s receiving feedback for what you post or seeing beauty, glamour and the fantasy you want, is like a reward in the brain. It stimulates the neurons in the mesencephalon in the brain and increases dopamine levels. Dopamine is a positive chemical that makes you feel happy, but after the rush of the dopamine, your body wants more and looks for ways to get the next hit.

As you crave another dopamine hit, your use of social media increases. People will post more or browse more to spend more time in the fantasy world on social media to escape the reality which they are actually in.

The infatuation of influencers works in much the same way as the brain is looking for the next hit of dopamine, even if it means spending more money to get the attention or pictures of beautiful people.

At my practice, I have seen many clients who have been sold a dream by influencers and are now addicted to funding their lifestyle. Many know its unhealthy, but they don’t know how to stop.

How to get rid of smart gold diggers

  1. Delete social media

This is the first step I share with clients, and it is one that many people struggle with. However, social media doesn’t have to rule lives, and it isn’t the only way to connect with friends. A clean break is essential for removing the addiction. Instead, download a game or new healthy living app that can distract you every time you feel the urge to check social media.

  1. Do a digital detox

Sometimes it is best to go completely cold turkey if you think you won’t be able to stay away from social media. Check out my Digital Detox article here for tips on how to get a healthier relationship with your digital devices.

  1. Block the influencers

The attention may be flattering, but the harsh reality is that you are just another one on their list of many. Block them before they find their way into your inbox and your life.

  1. Get out

Find ways to meet people in person rather than conducting relationships and friendships online. Look for groups to join, events to go on or perhaps even group getaways to meet likeminded individuals.

Need more help to break the cycle?

My blend of a range of therapy techniques can help you to break addictions and get over infatuations. If you are struggling to get rid of negativity from your life, get in touch for your first free consultation. Call my practice now on ​0207 971 7677 to book your free 15-minute call.

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