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Why is it so hard to just have ONE Oreo cookie? Hypnotherapy London Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill talks about addiction to sweets, chocolate, fat, sugar and carbs. Published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog, 27 January 2015. 

Rather than adding discipline to your new years resolution, accept that you already have discipline. You get out of bed in the morning, don’t you? Reluctantly, but you still do it! That requires discipline. Consider the idea that the foods you are choosing to eat, are actually not food at all. These “food-like” substances create a chemical change, robbing you of all chances to have JUST one cookie.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to have just ONE Oreo cookie? Lack of discipline perhaps? Not likely. Wikipedia will define flavor chemists as “someone who uses chemistry to engineer artificial and natural flavors. The tools and materials used by flavorists are almost the same as that used by perfumers with the exception that flavorists seek to mimic or modify both the olfactory and gustatory properties of various food products rather than creating just abstract smells.” Interpretation please! Your lack of discipline is a myth! Have you ever had to stop yourself from downing 10 apples? Exactly. The cause of your “addiction” is the food-like substances you are consuming. These factory-made foods have been chemically altered to change your brain chemistry. We have all been there.. Just ONE more!

So you can relax and cut yourself some slack. It has nothing to do with will power..rather, will-NOT. Make a conscious effort not to leave that grocery store with anything that is modified by man. This one commitment to “will not” will save you the hassle of struggling with your will power, or lack-there-of.

Sounds simple, but dumb-it-down, right? Rather than blueberry, sugar-filled yogurt (but it’s fat-free, you scream!), opt for a high-protein plain and unsweetened version. Greek yogurt is naturally high in protein and low in sugar. Don’t be a sucker for food claims. Sugar is 100% fat-free. That claim fails to tell you that that fat-free sugar is the reason your trousers are progressively getting tighter!

Rather than a high-fiber cereal that has been processed to resemble something you would jump through in the circus, consider opting for your more natural, untouched-by-man chia seeds. It’s like your own personal drain cleaner..without the side-effects, of course!

Rather than your “whole-grain” bread that has a glycemic index higher than most white breads, opt for your sprouted grain brands. Sprouted? That sounds like something my garden would have to battle. Sprouted grains are rich in digestible energy. Nutrient dense, rather than calorie-dense.

Are you getting the idea? Jack Lalanne said it best “If man made it, don’t eat it.” When that fails, he even had a back up plan! “If it tastes good, spit it out!” Rule number two won’t work for long. The more you stick with preservative-free, natural foods, the more you will crave them. Raw almonds and milk will begin to coat your tongue with a sweetness like you have never experienced. Parmesan cheese will be your new salt-fix. Baked fruit will put an end to all sugar sensations. Eating out will become a punishment for not making it to the store before hungry tummies demanded food.

The secret to sticking with it? According to Dr. Michelle Harden, MD of Stone Oak Women’s Center, “Planning, preparation and persistence.” Plan what you are going to eat, prepare for desperate situations and be persistent with putting your health first. When your desire to change is great enough, the road map to your destination becomes clear.

The first step? Start reading the food labels and do your research.

Malminder is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in London’s Harley Street, helping people to lose weight by switching out old unhealthy, fatty, sugary eating habits with new healthy eating habits.  Read more about Malminder’s London Hypnotherapy Practice and how she can help you here.


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