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In this week’s post I share a few easy tips to help with weight loss. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 15 June 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

  1. First Rule (Day 1 or Week 1) Get real about what you are eating! Many people are denial or do not realise the amount of food they are consuming on a daily basis. Raise your awareness to find out exactly what you are eating, once you know this you can start to cut back on the ‘unnecessary eating’. How? Every time you are about to eat something, note down what you are about to eat and how much, if possible take a picture too! At the end of the day/week you should have a list (or pictures) of foods you ate.  Maybe you discover you are eating more than you thought? Are you surprised?
  2. Second Rule (Day 2 or Week 2) Continue with your daily log, but this time ask yourself how you feel each time you are about to eat something, and note down the emotional feeling. At the end of the day/week highlight all the emotional feelings. Do you notice a pattern?  In what other ways can you acknowledge and manage your emotions?  Is there an underlying unresolved issue at play?
  3. Third Rule. Think about alternative things you can do when you feel that way. Perhaps you can take long deep breaths to the count of 8 for a minute or two.  Perhaps you can distract yourself by engaging your mind in another task, reading a book, finally getting around to that face mask! Or perhaps you have identified the real reason behind that emotion and now is the time to address it properly.

Trying to lose weight without addressing the underlying issues simply doesn’t work.  Similarly, trying to lose weight without committing to exercise and a healthy diet rarely works either.  The real ‘trick’ here is to cover all bases: the emotions, healthy eating and exercise.  Find out more about Malminder’s weight loss program here

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