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Hypnosis In London The Daily Mail Asks Malminder…How To Spring Clean Your Emotions

How to lose weight using your MIND: Hypnotherapist’s advice is backed by science. She also reveals her three golden rules to control cravings and emotional eating.

In the Daily Mail this week, Harley Street hypnotherapist Malminder Gill shares her science-backed tips on how everyone can lose weight using their mind alone. Her tried and tested techniques have helped many clients lose weight. As well as this, changing their approach to food with a mindful eating strategy.

Now, London hypnotherapist Malminder shares her secrets with the readers of the Daily Mail. In her article, Malminder helps those who want to shed the pounds and have a healthier and happier approach to eating.

How can you lose weight losing your mind?

In her Daily Mail article, Malminder explains her Mindful eating approach. She says;

“It’s the only thing that really works. The key to weight loss is found not in the gym, or in the math— (calories in and calories out), it’s in the mind. I use hypnosis as a way to reframe perceptions and teach mindful eating. But you don’t have to be hypnotised to learn the tips and tricks you need to succeed.”

In the piece, Malminder shares the three rules of mindful eating that science backing. This includes a literature review by North Carolina State University. She also offers tips to combat cravings, emotional eating and controlling portions. Furthermore, once you have mastered these tips, Malminder then shares her secrets to how to make healthy choices that are enjoyable rather than a chore.

As a result, by following mindful eating practices that Malminder suggests, you can help to;

  • Improve Type 2 diabetes symptoms
  • Manage chronic diseases
  • Consequently, have a positive attitude towards body image.

To find out how to lose weight using your mind and Malminder’s effective weight loss suggestions, you can read the full article here.

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