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Awareness Over Separation

The Expand Your Awareness Five Week Challenge. Week Four: Choosing awareness over separation

So far in the five-week challenge, we have discovered how you can utilise awareness in a variety of situations to help overcome challenges and difficulties that you may face. Firstly, the challenge started with how to stop the impact of judgement clouding our decisions. Secondly, we tackled the issue of projection and what happens when we project our own fears and concerns onto others as well as vice versa.

Last week, I covered choosing awareness over rejection and the benefit of letting our guard down. In the piece, I discussed how that wall that you build to protect yourself might be, in fact, what is holding you back and, therefore, stopping yourself from allowing yourself to be human.

This week’s challenge will focus on choosing awareness over separation.

Do you create separation?

Separation is something we may actively do or not even realise we are doing. Separation, similar to rejection, creates a barrier that distances ourselves from others. We forego connections by creating a separation which means we can never experience the true caring, kindness and gratitude of others. As a result, separation stops us from honour our true selves by refusing to receive from others.

Why choose awareness over separation?

When you refuse to receive from others and separate others from your life, it is you that suffers the brunt of the separation. When you create distance, you not only cut off the caring from others, but you also impact the caring for yourself. Imagine, if you did not develop separations, would you be experiencing different results now?

Many people use separation as a way of distancing themselves emotionally. Furthermore, others may use separation as a way to prevent pain. However, can you really stop yourself from caring? In many cases, caring does not harm you; it is, therefore, the separation you create that can cause destruction and pain.

As a result of embracing the caring and, consequently, stopping separations, you have a chance to enjoy a life that is easier, with more possibility and, therefore, increase your opportunities for joy and happiness.

How to choose awareness over separation

  1. Review the situations where you separate – do you distance yourself from people who have the potential to be your friends or perhaps your partner?
  2. Ask yourself if this separation makes you happy – are you separating because you actually want to or because you ‘should?’
  3. Consider what it would be like if you didn’t create separation.
  4. Check whether you are stopping yourself from being human and being happy.
  5. Let go of the separations that do not make you happy. Instead, use awareness to assess your relationship with others and whether it could make you happy without separation getting in the way.

Remember – It is perfectly normal to create separations in the face of fear or hurt. However, by creating separations, you could be denying yourself happiness. Fortunately, there are strategies to help manage separations in a way that works for your happiness. Through hypnosis, I can help you to uncover your true path and help to ease any separation struggles that may be getting in the way of your happiness. Email me at to arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Start choosing awareness over separation today

The only person preventing your happiness is you. So, don’t deny yourself a chance to be happy and, therefore, enjoy meaningful connections with others. By choosing awareness over separation and rejection, you give yourself the freedom to honour your own path. Remember, if you need any help with overcoming separation and support to stop building a psychological wall, I can help. Start your awareness journey by booking an appointment with me.

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