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Awareness Over Rejection

The Expand Your Awareness Five Week Challenge. Week Three: Choosing awareness over rejection

In the past two blog articles, we have looked at how awareness can help you to think and act differently in challenging situations. Last week covered projection and how our internal predictions can negatively affect our response to situation outcomes. The week before we began the challenge of choosing awareness over judgement. This challenge involved trying to look at situations from as many angles as possible to avoid falling into the trap of having one view of a situation.

This week’s challenge is to change your response to difficulties when rejection gets in the way.

Challenge one: Let go of rejection

Rejection helps us to build a wall. With a fear of rejection, we create a distance between ourselves and others. We keep ourselves guarded and because of rejection, we can struggle to let ourselves enjoy real caring, love and kindness. We do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable and in some cases, this means we cannot experience true happiness as we have this niggling emotion getting in the way.

Often, we use rejection as a way of having control or a say in a situation. Sometimes we reject what someone else says or does so that we can appear to have our own mind. In these cases, we have to ask whether we are denying for the right reasons. Are we choosing to refuse because it is right for our needs or rejecting to simply go against someone else’s belief?

While we may use rejection to protect ourselves, what we are actually doing is rejecting ourselves. Rejection can feel like we are pressing the self-destruct button. This stops us from having the awareness, happiness and freedom that we crave to have ourselves and to give to others.

Why choose awareness over rejection?

By letting go of rejection, you can rid yourself of negative feelings and can enjoy love, compassion and happiness as a giver and a receiver. By taking down the wall, you allow others to see the best version of yourself. More importantly, you get to experience the happiness of being your true self. Allow yourself to be human.

Instead of fearing rejection, you can take a step back and realise that you have choices. You can choose to take a rejection personally, or you can accept that someone is rejecting themselves because of their own fears. You can reject someone for fear of being hurt, or you can choose awareness over rejection and potentially explore a new level in your relationship. Remember, allow yourself to be human.

How to choose awareness over rejection

Do you feel there is potential for further happiness in your life? Do you put up walls to protect yourself? If you find yourself rejecting, try these steps to help you to assess our rejection and find awareness.

  1. Notice the times when you reject – e.g. It could be declining a social event or refusing to take the next step in a relationship.
  2. Ask yourself why you are rejecting – is it because you fundamentally do not want to do it or because there is a feeling or ‘should’ preventing you from wanting and saying yes?
  3. What would it be like if you were to drop the rejection – e.g. say yes instead of no.
  4. Check whether you are blocking your right to happiness
  5. Choose the path that is right for you and your needs, using an awareness of the situation rather than an inherent rejection.

Remember – Handling rejection can be difficult and painful. However, there are tools and techniques that can help you to conquer the feeling of rejection once and for all. If rejection is getting in the way of your happiness, then email me at for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Start choosing awareness over rejection today

Remember, by choosing rejection; we deny ourselves, not others. With awareness, you find a way to make a conscious decision about a situation. Instead of believing that someone has rejected you, take away the blame, and you can focus your energy on positive steps for the future, rather than dwelling. Likewise, instead of rejecting to prevent sadness, you can choose awareness to allow more happiness than you thought possible.

Ultimately, your energy should be channelled into making positive choices for your benefit, and that provides you with the most happiness. If you find rejection a difficult emotion, then I can help. Book your appointment online and banish rejection for good.

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