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The Stress Of Weight Loss
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In this week’s post I talk about the stress of losing weight and what you can do to remain relaxed. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 14 September 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

Eliminating stress from your weight loss routine

You’ve read posts about losing weight and how to maintain your weight after weight loss, but rarely read posts about eliminating stress while losing weight. How do you remain calm during weight loss? During the process, you can find yourself worrying about gaining weight again, not losing weight, or just worry about divulging into temptation. You want an effortless approach to weight loss but you have no idea how to get it. Well, here’s hope! Listed below are a few tips to help you avoid stress while losing weight!

Know your goal

So you set a goal for yourself and you see that you are not losing weight at the speed you thought you would. Why is this happening? Stress. Believe it or not, stress levels actually increase one’s hunger. Try to remember that stressing yourself is not going to help you lose weight, but it could actually cause you to gain more weight.

If you do not see results instantaneously, it could be caused by multiple factors. Your metabolism may be a bit slow, or you may be gaining more muscle than burning fat. The truth may be that you set your goals too high; it is rare to lose 10 pounds within one week.


The progress you are expecting to see will come if you stick to your diet and exercise regimen. Nothing happens overnight. We do not learn to drive within a week and your body is not going to adapt to your new diet within 1 week. Remain calm. You’ll lose the weight if you stick to your regimen.


Going out to dinner with your friends has turned into a nightmare once they decided to order Chocolate Cake. Realize that you have a new journey to embark upon. Sure, you’d like to have cake once again in your lifetime, but right now, you’re trying something new. You already know what that cake tastes like and if you don’t, you will.  The cake is not gone forever! In the meantime, enjoy sweet, satisfying fruit with less sugar and calories. The results you’re aiming for will have you pleased with your decision.

Change of Lifestyle

At a certain time of day, you begin to snack on junk food, but there is none due to your clean eating. What do you have? Carrots? Well think about this, why do you aim for junk food? The crunch or the salt? Carrots, celery, or kale chips provide the same amount of (if not more) crunch that any crunchy snack food can provide. If you’re missing salt, add a low fat dip with your veggies such as a serving of Hummus or Ranch dressing. You’d be cutting processed additives and fat!

You now have a way to adjust to your eating habits, but you’re completely stumped on your workout regimen. You’ve decided to work out every morning but you find yourself exhausted during work hours. Change this! If you want to work out during your lunch break or even after work, do it! A healthy weight loss program does not just require physical health, but also psychological health. If you feel uncomfortable working out at a certain time of day, find a time of day that makes you comfortable.

But what if you hate exercise altogether? Park further away from your employer and walk or take your local bus and get off at a further stop. If you park at least fifteen minutes away each day, to and from your car is at least 30 minutes moderate exercise.

Afraid of Change

Rarely is this part of weight loss discussed; the change. Your appearance will change, your health will change, and your daily activities along with your diet will change. You’re scared! You’re comfortable with things the way they are, but you’re tired of your weight or you want better health. What do you do?


You are going to notice a difference with yourself. You might become more active and you might wear a smaller size. This is where you have to question your journey? Why did you want to lose weight? To be more active, better health, to be a smaller size, or all of the above?  You’re getting exactly what you signed up for and more, so be happy! If you’re worried about those around you being dissatisfied with your weight loss, remember that this is your journey. Living for others will only lead to your own disappointment. Do what’s best for YOU!

Fear of Old Habits

You have your own workout regime, scheduled meals, and you’re doing fine. But every few moments, you crave something sweet or a savory snack chip and you fear you’ll go back to your old ways.

Again, relax.

Your body will adjust to your new eating habits that will make it uncomfortable to over indulge.  Your body will also learn to favor healthier foods instead of snack foods. So if you’ve reached your goal and you think you’re ready for dessert or snack chips, give it a try, but remember to moderate.

Besides, if you learn why you attached to unhealthy eating habits, you’ll know what you need to avoid in the future!

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