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Are You Hyperplanning Yourself Out Of Lockdown?

Were you first on the list for a hair or spa appointment when lockdown lifted? When you look at your diary for summer, is every week full of events to catch up on lost time? Welcome to the age of hyperplanning.

What’s Hyperplanning?

Hyperplanning is the summer trend where people are making up for a year indoors. People are frantically booking events, holidays, weekends away, restaurants – everything that people missed during lockdown.

On social media, you can see the hyperplanners being the first the book the VIP pods on the roof terraces, the first ones travelling, and the first to post pictures of big meetups. What’s more, for those slower off the mark, struggling to get any plans finalised, it’s the hyperplanners that have booked everything up until September.

While hyperplanning may be the envy of people right now, there comes a risk of burnout.

Post-Lockdown Burnout

While hyperplanners are excited to catch up with friends and experience different environments, slotting back into your pre-pandemic social life can cause over-exertion.

After months (dare we say a year) of a blank diary, filling your calendar with plans can feel exciting. It feels like that’s what everyone else is doing. However, going from nothing to everything in just a week can lead to a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, AKA burnout.

When you start to focus on doing rather than being, you may neglect your own self-care and wellbeing.

So, if you want to go from hectic hyperplanning to blissed-out balance, here are a few top tips to avoid post-lockdown burnout.

Three Ways To Avoid Post-Lockdown Burnout

Lockdown Reflection

In lockdown, perhaps you considered the events that you were happy to miss. Maybe you thought about the people that you weren’t desperate to see or those times that drained you rather than energised you. If you tap into that reflection, would that make a difference to your plans?

You don’t have to attend events because you would have done pre-pandemic. In the last year, you have grown and evolved. The new you doesn’t have to revert to the old-you patterns. So, with each invite, ask yourself, is this something I really want to be a part of?

If the answer is no, remember it’s okay to decline.

Put Me-Time Boundaries In Place First

Most of us put me-time at the bottom of the to-do list. However, by blocking out self-care time in your diary first, you can then make conscious choices about what plans you want to make. Knowing the time you need in your diary before each week begins means you can manage your energy and only say yes to the plans that align with your own needs.

Forget FOMO, Embrace JOMO

The fear of missing out can make us say yes to everything. However, by switching to the joy of missing out, you know you are putting your emotional wellbeing first. It is unrealistic to do everything that is asked of us. No one expects that of you, either. So, instead of worrying that you’re missing out, remember that inner power that is helping to nourish your wellbeing first.

Are You Suffering From Post-Lockdown Burnout?

If you’re feeling post-lockdown burnout, I can help you create the balance you crave. From reprogramming the negative beliefs to addressing any fears that are holding you back to the practical actions of managing your diary in a way that feels right for you.

To get started on your beautifully balanced summer schedule, email to book your free burnout consultation.

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