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Hypnotherapy London – Questions to ask when making decisions. In this week’s post I share the top questions that I ask to help my clients make better choices and decisions. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 19 May 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

Question then silence

In a state of confusion, procrastination, and overwhelm a well timed and relevant question can really bring clarity, direction and focus.  Asking a number of different questions during the decision making process is futile at best. Asking the right question is golden.  When you or someone you know is faced with an important decision, try asking one of the following questions, and allowing a few minutes of uninterrupted silence for an answer to emerge.  It is important that the person asking the question remains silent after the question has been asked, allowing the other person to have the time and space to formulate an answer.  I know this sounds incredibly easy and it’s probably something you already do, but just try it – ask a question and wait silently.

Questions to help the decision making process

  1. What would make this decision more comfortable for you?
  2. What do you need to help you make this decision?
  3. What is getting in the way?
  4. How are you measuring the success here?
  5. What needs to happen so that you feel congruent?
  6. Is there middle ground between Yes and No?
  7. Is your current perspective limiting your success or amplifying your failures?
  8. What will you be tolerating if you went ahead with this decision?
  9. How much is ever enough? (In terms of love, time, money, etc)
  10. If you say YES to this, what are you saying NO to?

Malminder is Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach based in Harley Street London.

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