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Focus Concentration And Procrastination Hypnosis
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In this week’s post I talk about focus, concentration and procrastination and what you should do as a first step. Written by Hypnotherapist Harley Street, Malminder Gill, 17 August 2015 published online via the Hypnosis in London Blog.

Too often we take on board roles and responsibilities in life, whether chosen by us or not and we walk the streets in the robes of our roles. We are daughters and sons taking care of our parents, we are partners in relationships, we are parents tending to our children, we are career people earning a living, we are friends supporting our peers, and the list can be endless, varying from person to person.

Amidst all of these roles, who we are – what is our focus in life? Are there hidden roles and responsibilities we have taken on board without it even knowing it? Do you only take stock of your life after a crisis or major event? Are you so busy with responsibilities that you have lost yourself, your focus, balance and energy in the process? Take a snapshot of your life, re-discover your identity beyond roles and responsibilities and regain balance, focus and de-clutter.

The following technique is designed to raise awareness, sharpen your focus and help you on a journey of self-discovery with practical ways to implement the real you into your everyday life. How Satisfied Are You


The rule: Take stock, focus, then concentrate on the right task!

1. Either print out the diagram or draw a copy of it on a piece of paper before you continue.

2. Look at the diagram, shade each segment on a scale of 0-6 to show how satisfied you are with that particular part of your life. 6 is most satisfied, 0 is least satisfied.

3. When you look at the diagram now, what do you notice? Are you surprised that some elements of your life are quite good or require more attention? If the outline of your shaded area was the wheel of a bicycle — how bumpy or smooth would that ride be?

4. Now look at each section and ask the following questions: What do I appreciate the most about this part of my life? What frustrates me the most about this part of my life? What can I do in the next week to improve this part of my life? Who can assist me in improving this part of my life? What would it be like if this part of my life was rated higher?

The first step to re-focusing, gaining clarity, concentration and reducing procrastination is to really know what the goal is, what the purpose is.  Hopefully through this simple yet insightful technique you have a better picture of what is going on – what needs to be improved and of course what you can be thankful for. The full article was published in print by The Irish Daily Star in March 2014 – read the full article.

If you would like to continue the journey into self-discovery, re-focusing and de-cluttering please contact Malminder for private 1-2-1 sessions at her practice or online via Skype.  You can also visit the online store for Mp3 downloads.

Malminder is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach and a published author. Stay in touch with Malminder:

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