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Hypnosis In London - The Time - Mindset For Dating

The Times Asks Malminder… How To Have The Right Mindset For Dating

‘My appointment with a dating hypnotherapist – Hattie Crisell tries a new way to meet her match.’

In The Times this week, dating hypnotherapist Malminder Gill works her magic on Hattie Crisell. Hattie Crisell is a journalist for The Times as well as a single woman looking to meet her match. Hattie is completing Malminder’s six-week dating plan to help her get in the right mindset for dating.

Is There A Mindset For Dating?

In the article in The Times, Malminder explains;

 “What I’m doing is getting them to see things from a different point of view because we’re so stuck on our stories that we often fail to see other angles. If I do that outside of hypnosis, in a coaching session, I’m going to be met by logical objections. So I’m trying to bypass the prefrontal cortex and find the back door into the subconscious mind.”

In the piece, Malminder tries to encourage Hattie to have a new mindset for dating. Interestingly, the first piece of homework Malminder sets is to find the three most important qualities that Hattie looks for in a partner. Quite simply, Malminder suggests writing these in her dating profile.

Hattie explains;

“Inwardly, a voice from my prefrontal cortex scoffs: “What, so I’m supposed to just tell men what I want?” I realise that keeping your cards close to your chest is an idiotic strategy.”

You can find out how Hattie got on with her second hypnotherapy session, as well as find out more about the benefits that dating hypnotherapy can bring by reading the article in The Times in full here.

If you think you could benefit from dating hypnotherapy or are looking for a new optimistic mindset for dating, call Malminder to receive your free 15-minute consultation at 0207 971 7677.

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