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Hypnosis In London How To Get Over A Breakup

The Times Of India Asks Malminder…How To Get Over A Breakup

The award-winning hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill, has launched a new ten-day programme for anyone who is struggling to get over a breakup. In just ten days, Malminder Gill can help to change the way you feel about breaking up and get rid of the agonising heartache.  This week, the Times of India was itching to find out more about the programme during an interview with the Harley Street hypnotherapist.

In the Times of India interview, Malminder Gill talks frankly about how anyone can get over a breakup in less than two weeks by changing their mindset and focusing on the present, rather than the past.

How To Get Over A Breakup In Ten Days

In the article, Malminder provides her three fixed rules that anyone going through a breakup should follow, which are;

  1. No listening to sad songs, watching sad films or reading sad books.
  2. Do not contact your ex.
  3. Do not make any sudden changes especially with social media that look like you are trying to spark a reaction. Don’t delete all of your photos, change your profile picture etc.

As well as these rules, Malminder offers a range of exercises that those who want to get over a breakup quickly should do.

One of the first things Malminder recommends is to give yourself 24 hours of me-time. This means, where possible, taking a break from work as disconnecting from social media. During this time, change your social plans to things you want to do and will make you happy.

If you’d like to discover more steps and practices to help you get over a breakup in just ten days, read the full Times of India article here.

Alternatively, if you want more support from Malminder during a difficult breakup, get in touch to book your 10-day breakup course. Find out more with your first free 15-minute consultation by calling 0207 971 7677.

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