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Power Of Visualisation

To see is to believe

Your mind is a powerful tool. When you harness your mind correctly, it can help you to achieve success in all aspects of life. The power of visualisation is a process that can help everyone. It is well known to help sports stars, entrepreneurs and businesses. In fact, 82% of small businesses that used the vision boards accomplished more than half of the goals they included. 76% of businesses that use visualisation say their firm is how they envisioned it at the start.

Multiple studies have been conducted on the power of visualisation. Results show practising something mentally can be as effective as performing the activity physically.

How visualisation can affect you

Visualisation is incredibly powerful, but not always positively. Essentially, visualisation is a mental picture or film, where we can see what we expect or want to happen. This can take place in the past or the future. This feeling and vision can be so powerful, it can be difficult for the subconscious brain to know whether it is real or imagined.

I see many clients who have tremendous fears and phobias because they have such powerful negative visualisations. The intensity of which can cause mental and physical reactions, such as panic attacks. One aspect of my therapy is to help people who are trapped in negative visualisations. I give the tools and guidance clients need to see success with the power of positive visualisations.

Using visualisation to achieve success

I use a range of strategies and techniques so that my clients can harness their visualisations. This can help them to achieve their goals and banish the negativity that is holding them back. From affirmations, self-confirmation and gratitude to visualisations, there are simple tricks you can do every day. All of which can enhance your performance and achieve the goals you dream of.

One of my favourite techniques that takes only a few minutes to perform each day is the film of your life.

  1. In a relaxed state, first thing in the morning, after yoga or meditation or when you have finished work in the evening, sit down in a quiet space and imagine you are at the cinema.
  2. As the movie begins, it is your life but the aspect you want to be better or the goal you want to achieve. Try and take in every single detail such as the sounds you hear, the clothes you are wearing, your movements and body language.
  3. Visualise standing up and entering the film, so you are no longer watching it but taking part. Think about your emotions and your experiences in the moment.
  4. When you are ready, imagine leaving the cinema, and you return to real life but with the mental image still inside you.

When repeating this film every day, it can have a remarkable effect on your life. As you visualise your future for the better, the positivity starts to manifest. My clients not only use this technique to overcome negativity but also to achieve their goals, whether it is acquiring a new skill, improving a financial outlook, achieving career landmarks or enhancing a relationship.

Whatever you want to see in your future, it is time to start the visualisation process to make it happen.

Want the power of visualisation to work for you?

As a hypnotherapist in London, I have helped hundreds of clients to realise the benefits of visualisation. If you would like help to make mental pictures work for you, then get in touch to arrange your free 15-minute consultation. Call  0207 971 7677 to start achieving your goals today.

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